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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Azorius Flyers MTGDomain 10/28/2019
Fun Commander infinite_baker 10/27/2019
Alela $100 BudgetEDH Deck Tech BudgetCommander 10/21/2019
Alela Pedro matins 10/20/2019
Alela Pedro matins 10/20/2019
Alela Pedro matins 10/20/2019
Alela Pedro matins 10/20/2019
Alela NumberXIII 10/11/2019
Angels - Reanimate Xkrowth 10/3/2019
Kykar, Chaining Spells | Battle of the Brews Commander's Brew 9/27/2019
Sephara, Sky's Blade | Commander Quick Take Dr.Jones 9/20/2019
Alela, Artful Provocateur Nitpicking Nerds 9/16/2019
UW Spirits BigBrainPlays117 9/5/2019
The Star-Spangled Banner (Rotation-Proof WUB Flyer Aggro) Mikoyan01 9/4/2019
Celestial Sebanovich 9/4/2019
rotation proof uw flyers Izz Wiz Burn 9/4/2019
Jeskai Flyers Obsi 9/4/2019
GW ajanis gods vaent 9/3/2019
Rotation Proof Azorious Fliers AliasV 8/29/2019
flying aggro sammmmmmy 8/21/2019
UW Sephara /w Rally of Wings MTGDomain 8/20/2019
Mono White Angels MTGDomain 8/16/2019
Angel Squad Eitan 8/15/2019
Angel Beats Eitan 8/14/2019
Kaalia (EDH) Cuttlefish_ 8/8/2019
Isperia, Supreme Judge budget edh prototype Trizorz 8/8/2019
Sephara Sporter 8/7/2019
Boros Bird Bros AliasV 8/7/2019
My Kaalia deck for destroying my D&D group I Draw a card 8/4/2019
Mardu Angels Pigeon-Lord 8/3/2019
Kaalia Of The Vastest the Only God 8/2/2019
BU Flyers quose_stain 8/1/2019
annoying flying styuff h0rs3andp1g 7/27/2019
Spirits Julesmanning 7/25/2019
United Airlines RevenantSoulz 7/20/2019
UW Sephara Flyers Meryn 7/20/2019
Floaty Bois TBeezy 7/16/2019
Sephera lifegain bman0621 7/12/2019
Mono-White Angels golgariassassin666 7/12/2019
esper flyers crash_test 7/11/2019
Budget U/W Flyers SBMTGDev 7/11/2019
Azorious Flyers AliasV 7/10/2019
Fly Hard LaQuiffaretta 7/8/2019
Spirit Airlines Amazonian 7/3/2019
Sephara, Sky's Blade | Commander Quick Take The Commander's Quarters 6/25/2019
Sephara kooba3 6/22/2019

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