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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
The Breakfast Club Wverms 10/12/2021
Borbor-Bolts Everodd22 10/7/2021
Tovolar, Dire Overlord jolt539 10/5/2021
Vex's Howl From Beyond VEX MTG 9/26/2021
Golos, Tireless Pilgrim - Land(Omnath, Rage) | EDHREC | Comparison lf 9/21/2021
Omnath Elementals rikrassen 9/17/2021
Neyith UBT 9/11/2021
Titania Lands Meryn 9/4/2021
Wulfgar of Icewind Dale $90 Ashbash155 8/18/2021
Ulrich of the Krallenhorde RUCKUS 8/17/2021
Vex's Who Let the Dragons Out VEX MTG 8/4/2021
scapeshift Praxure 7/26/2021
Draconic Rage Precon Upgades! ($50) Nitpicking Nerds 7/23/2021
Landfall Budget LuckyStrikeSmallville 7/20/2021
Landfall Omnath LuckyStrikeSmallville 7/20/2021
lands Craighead 7/4/2021
Titan Shift jjc31790 6/11/2021
Gods JPaPeRs 5/31/2021
Its Raining Lands! Hallelujah! Jewy 5/26/2021
Titan Shift ItsRileyPM 5/10/2021
Yidris Dapper 5/7/2021
Pilgrimage Chumlea 4/20/2021
Codie Vociferous Codex | COMMANDER'S BREW - E292 Commander's Brew 4/19/2021
Codie, Vociferous Codex - Upgrades Only | The Commander's Quarters The Commander's Quarters 4/19/2021
Codie, Vociferous Codex - Upgraded | The Commander's Quarters The Commander's Quarters 4/19/2021
Codie, Vociferous Codex - Upgraded | CQ Early CQ Early Access 4/18/2021
Hazezon Tamar EDH ChainofCommander 3/29/2021
Deck of 100 Kitties Strideralchemy 3/28/2021
Half a yurlok deck Scott3303 3/26/2021
Marisi Slmochie 3/21/2021
Marisi Slmochie 3/21/2021
Modern: Escapeshift FluffyWolf 3/21/2021
Collection Balance00 3/15/2021
Mayael the Anima Budget Ashbash155 2/20/2021
Gruul Elementals SlayedSlayer 2/11/2021
God Deck for Matt VeXz86753 2/10/2021
Matt's God Deck (Revised) VeXz86753 2/10/2021
Vex's Burn Baby Burn VEX MTG 2/8/2021
Gishath Park jolt539 1/29/2021
Jund Landfall SlayedSlayer 1/17/2021
Creatures Only UPGRADED Ashbash155 1/6/2021
Upgrades for Kodama's little Tog Champ TheTrueYoda1 12/31/2020
LANDS Evaros_TTV 12/28/2020
Uncle Borby's Christmas Special jolt539 12/25/2020
Yurlok Mango Mash Ep 1 Ashbash155 12/24/2020
Yurlok's Many-Headed Friends EDH ChainofCommander 12/15/2020
Start The Extinction MightyEd 11/14/2020
Lord Wingrace Eodom 10/28/2020
Vex’s Go Fetch VEX MTG 10/24/2020
Hallar under $100 salsathe4th 10/23/2020

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