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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Crosis Control George Nakamura Regionals 2002: Brasil, Jundiai 5th-8th 4/13/2002
Ceta-Styles Noah Weil 4/13/2002
Trenches Francisco González Regionals 2002: Spain, Cordoba 1st 4/13/2002
Fire Tog Eric Rossi Regionals 2002: United States, Northern California 5th-8th 4/13/2002
UGr Madness Alex McConnell Regionals 2002: United States, Southeast 1st 4/13/2002
UR Madness Michael Dumont Regionals 2002: Canada, Western Prairie 5th-8th 4/13/2002
R/U/G Threshold Craig Guile Regionals 2002: United States, Midwest 3rd-4th 4/13/2002
Upheaval Andrés Ortega Spanish Nationals: 2002 1st 4/13/2002
Squirrel-Opposition Mike Turian Grand Prix Milwaukee: 2002 3rd-4th 4/13/2002
Ceta Storm Brent Heaser Grand Prix Milwaukee: 2002 4/13/2002
G-R-U Warren Marsh Grand Prix: London 2001 5th-8th 4/13/2002
U-R-G Agro Michal Marcik Grand Prix: Warsaw 2001 2nd 4/13/2002
U-G-R Royce Chai Grand Prix: Singapore 2001 5th-8th 4/13/2002
G-U-r Mike Abraham Grand Prix: Denver 2001 5th-8th 4/13/2002
Merfolk Fire Andrew Johnson 4/13/2002
Snake Tongue Craig Krempels States 2001: New Jersey 2nd 4/13/2002
Bolt-a-GoGo Chris Donovan States 2001: New York 1st 4/13/2002
Star Spangled Slaughter Seth Stair States 2001: Kentucky 1st 4/13/2002
InfestationUpheaval Kurt Buehler States 2001: British Columbia Provincials 9th-16th 4/13/2002
Pig Pink Klaus B. Huebert States 2001: Illinois 3rd-4th 4/13/2002
UBR FinkelGo Andy Petkovics States 2001: Ontario Provincials 5th-8th 4/13/2002
Donate Kazufumi Abe GP Sendai 2001 5th-8th 4/13/2002
Donate Yuki Murakami GP Sendai 2001 3rd-4th 4/13/2002
Donate Eric Chan Las Vegas GPT: Edmonton 5th-8th 4/13/2002
Wild Plagiarization Jay Schneider 4/13/2002
RG Beats Nic Tung Regionals 2002: New Zealand, Auckland 2nd 4/13/2002
Opposition Victor Vieira Regionals 2002: Brasil, Porto Alegre 5th-8th 4/13/2002
Squirrel Prison Mario Marincovich Regionals 2002: Argentina, Buenos Aires 5th-8th 4/13/2002
SSS Alejandro Ganduglia Regionals 2002: Argentina, Buenos Aires 5th-8th 4/13/2002
Jaba Sligh Diego Gimenes Regionals 2002: Brasil, Comics 1st 4/13/2002
Trenches Benjamin Gramajo Regionals 2002: Argentina, Tucuman 2nd 4/13/2002
Star Spangled Slaughter Peter Jesuale Regionals 2002: United States, Ohio Valley 3rd-4th 4/13/2002
Counter-Trenches Filip Hajduk Regionals 2002: Canada, Central 2nd 4/13/2002
UGr Opposition Mike Crosato Regionals 2002: Canada, Maritime South 5th-8th 4/13/2002
U-W-G Control Takayuki Nagaoka Grand Prix: Kobe 2001 3rd-4th 4/13/2002
G-R-u Beats Kei Ikeda Grand Prix: Kobe 2001 3rd-4th 4/13/2002
Machinehead Hiroshi Kawasaki Grand Prix: Kobe 2001 5th-8th 4/13/2002
G-U-r Matias Gabrenja Grand Prix: Santiago 2001 1st 4/13/2002
U-W-R Aggro Felipe Saavedra PTQ New Orleans: Salzburg 2001 1st 4/13/2002
Trenches Javier España PTQ New Orleans: Rosario 2001 1st 4/13/2002
Counter-Burn Eric LaFramboise Altered States 1st 4/13/2002
U-B-R Kamiel Cornelissen Magic Invitational: 2001 3rd-4th 4/13/2002
Dumbo and Friends Blair M. Simpson States 2001: Alabama 2nd 4/13/2002
Liquid Tempo Daniel Hanson States 2001: Washington 5th-8th 4/13/2002
Star Spangled Slaughter Poh Kok Low States 2001: Minnesota 2nd 4/13/2002
Big, Bad, Ugly Matthew Vail States 2001: British Columbia Provincials 1st 4/13/2002
Donate Seth Burn 4/13/2002
Donate Katsuhiro Mori GP Sendai 2001 5th-8th 4/13/2002
SSS Matías Gabrenja Regionals 2002: Argentina, Buenos Aires 2nd 4/13/2002
Squirell Opposition Nico Wendt Regionals 2002: Germany, Hamburg 1st 4/13/2002

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