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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Such a Good Boy Geomand 4/20/2021
Good Boy Geomand 4/20/2021
Beledros Witherbloom jolt539 4/19/2021
Infectious Aggression LiminalLotus 4/18/2021
Varolz-tron benmega 4/17/2021
Z5 KingMoose 4/9/2021
Gishath Dinos cmcFifteen 4/8/2021
Uril Beatface Colin C. 4/7/2021
Shattergang Street Ballers Hagaschi Miyagi 4/5/2021
awed pizzapizzapizzaria 4/5/2021
Omnath Landfall EDH Orion5907 3/29/2021
Omnath Landfall EDH Orion5907 3/29/2021
Rhys EDH ItsSalem 3/28/2021
Rhys Tokens ItsSalem 3/28/2021
Spider Tribal natu bad 3/27/2021
Aesi, Tyrant of Gyre Straight Upgraded BoC 3/26/2021
Yidris GuidoFTW 3/24/2021
Maelstrom hits like a train Kyeran 3/23/2021
nik-yuh Slade_the_ 3/23/2021
Gishat Dinosaurs Gaius 3/22/2021
Zacama Gaius 3/22/2021
Zaxara's Rage natu bad 3/20/2021
Tatyova, Benthic Druid (2021 Update) VS Magic 3/19/2021
Reaper King HolyWizzard 3/17/2021
Seven Dragon Sins Helios Phoenix 3/17/2021
Ur Dragon Test JKirej000 3/16/2021
Koma's Coil Betelguese90 3/15/2021
Ramos and his friends Aisuru 3/14/2021
Ramos, Dragon Engine and his friends Aisuru 3/14/2021
CPL - AFC - Esika, God of the Tree jolt539 3/14/2021
collectiondeck deckcollector 3/13/2021
Alex's Esika, god of the tree deck Affinity For Commander 3/13/2021
CPL - AFC - Jorn, God of Winter jolt539 3/13/2021
Alex's Jorn, God of Winter deck Affinity For Commander 3/10/2021
Jorn, God of Winter jolt539 3/8/2021
Omnath Landfall Ardipithicus 3/5/2021
Big Wurms natu bad 3/5/2021
urdragons Fabricated 3/4/2021
Atraxa cmacloud 3/1/2021
Atraxa cmacloud 3/1/2021
Atraxa cmacloud 3/1/2021
Vorinclex Jerk EDH Uncommon Commander 2/26/2021
Koma, Cosmos Serpent jolt539 2/24/2021
Omnsth Djs2477 2/22/2021
Klothys Beasts ManfredPlusMagic 2/21/2021
decklist xXoddballXx 2/17/2021
Koma, Cosmos Serpent Purploros 2/16/2021
dawdasdadw pizzapizzapizzaria 2/13/2021
Trostani {EDH} fortnite 2/12/2021
God Deck Kaldhiem/Egyptian/Roman VeXz86753 2/11/2021

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