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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Kresh, the Party Animal Cardboard Command 4/14/2021
Neheb Karasins 4/3/2021
mono red SlayedSlayer 4/3/2021
Tobran Karasins 4/3/2021
Maelstrom hits like a train Kyeran 3/23/2021
Purphoros, Bronze-Blooded EDH Dragon Good TockXIII 3/17/2021
Kaalia of the Vast $80 Ashbash155 2/20/2021
Magda GreySqwrl 1/31/2021
dawdawd pizzapizzapizzaria 12/13/2020
efdaef pizzapizzapizzaria 12/13/2020
adwadasd pizzapizzapizzaria 12/13/2020
3qeawedasd a pizzapizzapizzaria 12/12/2020
Feldon of the Third Path In Response_EDH 12/11/2020
fewqqewq pizzapizzapizzaria 12/10/2020
sdghd pizzapizzapizzaria 12/10/2020
afafaf pizzapizzapizzaria 12/10/2020
adfaefsadfsaf pizzapizzapizzaria 12/9/2020
dfad3dawed pizzapizzapizzaria 12/8/2020
YUUUUUUUGE Red NickyBolas 12/1/2020
Mardu Humans (Ruthless Regiment Upgraded) marshs211 11/30/2020
Mono Red yugiohoh 11/27/2020
q3dwfda fasd pizzapizzapizzaria 11/23/2020
adsawwdasda pizzapizzapizzaria 11/23/2020
S pizzapizzapizzaria 11/22/2020
Surrka efsdffsadfasdfa pizzapizzapizzaria 11/20/2020
Surrak edhpeifnsdkf pizzapizzapizzaria 11/19/2020
Surrak sed fsdaf pizzapizzapizzaria 11/17/2020
Stuff JMedina 11/13/2020
upgraded winota Ashbash155 10/28/2020
Winota Humans Ashbash155 10/27/2020
the goat v2 happy_guy19 9/13/2020
Gadrak, the Crown-Scourge Under $100 EDH Deck Tech CommandersJourney 9/11/2020
Kaalia Wagon 9/3/2020
Tweaked Ruthless Regiment Kelthual 8/24/2020
Locust god Devgar 8/18/2020
Kaalia of the Vast Hungry Wookie 8/14/2020
Kayla's Xenagos deck Common Command 8/6/2020
Zurzoth EDH Booster Therapy 8/4/2020
Naya Constructed Sirius 7/18/2020
Brion Stoutarm EDH Chuck Ashbash155 7/16/2020
Silver's Rakdos, Lord of Riots EDH deck Marginis 7/16/2020
Obosh burn Toolebiey 7/16/2020
Burning Dragonstorm Spine I Draw a card 6/29/2020
jdjdjdj phymet 6/29/2020
Fake It Till You Make It Chetas 6/27/2020
Alex's Silvar and Trynn deck Affinity For Commander 6/17/2020
Xenagod gr Whitewolf 6/16/2020
Xenagod Whitewolf 6/11/2020
Winota Deck YG966 6/5/2020
Winota Deck YG966 6/5/2020

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