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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Werebear Dredge KebbieG 11/21/2021
Syr Konrad 9th week Argil274 10/25/2021
Halloween Dredge Vintage scotpete 10/14/2021
Old Stickfingers True Voltron | COMMANDER'S BREW - E319 Commander's Brew 10/14/2021
Ormos Self Mill EDH V2 Njiijn7 10/14/2021
Ormos Self Mill EDH Njiijn7 10/13/2021
MBC Sidisi Reanimator Pop Juggernaut 10/10/2021
Graveyard in a trench-coat [Infinite Combo] BruhYouFarted 10/7/2021
Syr Konrad 6th add in Argil274 10/5/2021
Old Stickfingers jolt539 9/21/2021
Araumi Origami Cardboard Command 9/17/2021
Dredge (OP) #G.O.A.T. Tournaments 9/9/2021
Demonic Destiny BizoScheaver 8/31/2021
Cards to trade Jaune 8/24/2021
grist Mashoos 8/5/2021
Orcus, Prince of Undeath | COMMANDER'S BREW - E310 Commander's Brew 8/3/2021
Skullbriar EDH Nathan WaffleStar 7/30/2021
Meren EDH samalamadingdong 7/21/2021
Glissa by Ben239 Ben239 7/18/2021
Rakdos Madness Reanimator yangerdanger27 7/9/2021
Vex's No Drain, No Gain VEX MTG 7/6/2021
Sidisi, Brood Tyrant jolt539 6/25/2021
Araumi of the Dead Tide - EDH Tracebot21 6/23/2021
Araumi's Bread and Butter Cardboard Command 6/2/2021
Muldrotha Budget EDH Deck Ashbash155 5/23/2021
Dredge Bjthack1989 5/18/2021
Gitrog fleb 5/4/2021
Kathril TheEndSnake 4/15/2021
srgfgsdfgsdfg regal 4/6/2021
collection 123 regal 4/6/2021
BR Sacrifice SinCity MTG 3/23/2021
BW Tortured Existence SinCity MTG 3/22/2021
Karador, Ghost Cheiftain ThatsAllSheYote 3/22/2021
Lantern Control Pauper SinCity MTG 3/3/2021
Kardur's Goad Tribal | COMMANDER'S BREW - E284 Commander's Brew 2/23/2021
Grixis Madness SinCity MTG 2/16/2021
Our grave yard Spartan Duncan 2/3/2021
izoni tiddus234 1/24/2021
Based Varolz Dominooch 1/8/2021
zacl LauraGlenn333 1/4/2021
zack LauraGlenn333 1/4/2021
Jund Torex SinCity MTG 1/3/2021
zack LauraGlenn333 1/1/2021
zack LauraGlenn333 1/1/2021
zack LauraGlenn333 1/1/2021
zack LauraGlenn333 1/1/2021
Alesha LauraGlenn333 1/1/2021
Alesha LauraGlenn333 12/29/2020
alesha LauraGlenn333 12/27/2020
Mardu Tortured Existence SinCity MTG 12/24/2020

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