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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Matt's Lathiel, the bounteous Dawn deck Affinity For Commander 3/1/2021
Nethroi TheEndSnake 3/1/2021
Infect Danny975 2/23/2021
3DH - Maja (Season 11) Praetor Magic 2/22/2021
decklist xXoddballXx 2/17/2021
Trostani {EDH} fortnite 2/12/2021
Green White Life Gain MightyGauntlet2 2/9/2021
Green Red White Rin & Seri EDH MightyGauntlet2 2/6/2021
Gishath Park jolt539 1/29/2021
An other Atraxa Deck Drakovish 1/27/2021
Elves of Libra RBG 1/24/2021
lllllllllllllkk yuppers123 1/21/2021
Roonie bois yuppers123 1/21/2021
Uril the Miststalker Uyakoll 1/19/2021
Zacama {EDH} Kirakai 1/18/2021
It's the TAYAM COUNTDOWN EDH Deck ChainofCommander 1/14/2021
Coco Chanel Historic kooba3 1/9/2021
Roon of the Hidden Realm Rikon 1/9/2021
Shrines SonOfKili 1/9/2021
Selesnya Angel Midrange kooba3 1/8/2021
Moss of Aura Gwent 1/6/2021
Arcades, the Strategist A Magical Cow 1/2/2021
Selesnya Bogles (Budget) Emmmzyne 12/28/2020
Rafiq, Friend to All! lordrakster 12/26/2020
Gishath Grandpa Jimmy 12/25/2020
Gishath Grandpa Jimmy 12/25/2020
Arcades SnowWolf 12/24/2020
Sisay, Weatherlight Captain (Shrines) jolt539 12/21/2020
Sliver cascade JustDoobIt 12/13/2020
Ghired, Conclave Exile - In Response_EDH In Response_EDH 12/11/2020
554548kk Alpha123 12/8/2020
12151l Alpha123 12/8/2020
deck123 Alpha123 12/8/2020
Dino Naya EDH ghostphantom 12/8/2020
Golem Deck, Golos, Tireless Pilgrim Ghostman546 12/4/2020
G/W/R GFresh 11/28/2020
Jurassic Park Betelguese90 11/19/2020
esrxdtfygvuhbj gil 11/18/2020
Zirda Hdevins369 11/16/2020
Bant Enchantments Commander Sus 11/15/2020
Start The Extinction MightyEd 11/14/2020
Shroud Voltron | Beezy's Personal Deck Nitpicking Nerds 11/4/2020
Selvala, Explorer Returned under 200 The Kearns 11/1/2020
Marath cEDH Casually Competitive 10/28/2020
Vex's Stampede of Tokens VEX MTG 10/25/2020
omnath EdgyEdgyOgre 10/24/2020
4 Color +1/+1 Counters Maiort 10/18/2020
cats arlo 10/14/2020
Gishath, Sun's Avatar barrychan0402 10/12/2020
Derevi bird tribal The Kearns 10/11/2020

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