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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Ashaya, Soul of the Wild Meryn 5/11/2021
Obuun, Mul Daya Ancestor Commando 3/25/2021
Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle themanadorksmtg 3/5/2021
Maya Rise of the Forest Uncommon Commander 2/26/2021
Mono_Green_Battle_Box CoolDoggo 2/24/2021
The Root Fortunatus 2/13/2021
Buy List Fortunatus 2/13/2021
Vex's The Land Awakens VEX MTG 2/11/2021
Just Desserts Tides of iO 1/18/2021
Tazri, Beacon of Unity by Thelonelyfish0 Nitpicking Nerds 10/23/2020
Obuun Upgrades Fnvx 9/30/2020
Lands Matter silent_calling 9/30/2020
Precon Power Up: Upgrading the Land's Wrath Precon for $50 Nitpicking Nerds 9/13/2020
po Be702 9/9/2020
Bube Dudesky 8/31/2020
cube draft Handsom Dan 8/31/2020
Ents' Revenge Dekester25 7/15/2020
Lands Broximus Prime 5/22/2020
Omnath, Locus of the Roil - EDH Shamisen 5/16/2020
Radha All Basics | BATTLE OF THE BREWS #21 Commander's Brew 5/3/2020
Ezuri, Renegade Leader EDH alanpax 3/17/2020
Selesnya land destruction Awsomeator1997 2/10/2020
Lord Windgrace lesjonpool 2/6/2020
bg cube Poopoopeepee 2/5/2020
Lands, The New Creatures? MTGDomain 12/10/2019
Radha ALL BASICS | Commander's Brew Commander's Brew 12/10/2019
Pioneer Mono Green Ramp Archambaud DuPoyen 11/2/2019
Samut - Vigilance Tribal | COMMANDER'S BREW E217 Commander's Brew 10/27/2019
Shalai, Voice of Plenty (casual, Cammander) Goblin instigator 10/16/2019
asda Octathorpo 9/4/2019
Ezuri, Renegade Leader EDH MTGDomain 8/16/2019
Nature's Revenge (Commander) (Active) Crazitas 8/12/2019
Deprecated Crazitas 8/3/2019
Just Desserts Gramps Tewks 7/7/2019
Siege Gramps Tewks 7/1/2019
Martin's Seton, Krosan Protector deck Affinity For Commander 6/8/2019
ALLIED STRATEGIES MR dewitt 6/2/2019
Cube G Rite 4/8/2019
Tazri Ally Tribal 603_ARich 3/27/2019
Ezuri EDH Strikerst 3/12/2019
comp mono green Yammada 3/6/2019
test Octathorpo 2/19/2019
test Octathorpo 2/19/2019
Evolving Angels Octathorpo 2/15/2019
Evolving Angels Octathorpo 2/15/2019
Evolving Angels Octathorpo 2/15/2019
Evolving Angels Octathorpo 2/15/2019
Marath (or Gishath) Dino EDH zachinthemox87 2/12/2019
Emerge Octathorpo 2/10/2019
Collection of All Green Sam625 2/8/2019

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