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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Narset Bouv10 2/26/2021
Esika, the Enchantress Grody 2/23/2021
Braids firelordgwen 2/23/2021
Braids Group Hug? firelordgwen 2/23/2021
Kaalia of the Vast $80 Ashbash155 2/20/2021
golos alt win NoPancakes 2/17/2021
decklist xXoddballXx 2/17/2021
Esika, God Tribal Common Command 2/16/2021
What's Yours is Mine Bouv10 2/16/2021
Otrimi & Friends Mubumb0 2/16/2021
yo johan Big D 2/16/2021
Blue Green Red Animar EDH MightyGauntlet2 2/15/2021
Jodah Eldrazi Tribal WizardDrazah 2/14/2021
Rosheen Meanderer Rikon 2/13/2021
That's not a boulder!... Juicebox 2/12/2021
Ashlen's Kozilek I Game Knights #24 iarkd 2/12/2021
Rebbecarmix Burningpapersun 2/11/2021
A Valentine's Day Commander Deck Emmmzyne 2/9/2021
A Valentine's Day Commander Deck Emmmzyne 2/9/2021
egrergg biggoomy 2/9/2021
dfvdf biggoomy 2/9/2021
dfgdfgd biggoomy 2/9/2021
dfgdfg biggoomy 2/9/2021
sdfsdf biggoomy 2/9/2021
ergdfgdf biggoomy 2/9/2021
vsdvs biggoomy 2/9/2021
ihb dingledan 2/7/2021
m f dingledan 2/7/2021
Aesi, Tyrant of Gyre Strait BUDGET Ashbash155 2/5/2021
Big Mean Mono Green Ashbash155 2/4/2021
GODS GODS Greganator 1/27/2021
Halana's Deathtouchers | COMMANDER'S BREW - E280 Commander's Brew 1/26/2021
Ilharg, Flinging Dragons EDH ChainofCommander 1/26/2021
Ayula Party Bears jolt539 1/25/2021
Naya Eldrazi eugeneisdead 1/24/2021
Tergrid, God of Fright Discard Common Command 1/23/2021
Archelos, Lagoon Mystic - Budget EDH MaggB94 1/22/2021
Ulamog Austino 1/22/2021
lllllllllllllkk yuppers123 1/21/2021
Roonie bois yuppers123 1/21/2021
Zacama {EDH} Kirakai 1/18/2021
sakashima/vial smasher Pouncey 1/17/2021
Thantis in the works Abeosin 1/12/2021
Bruna Aura's BruhYouFarted 1/10/2021
Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis The Kearns 1/10/2021
Roon of the Hidden Realm Rikon 1/9/2021
Vial Smasher / Sakashima Rikon 1/9/2021
Karlov of the Ghost Council Rikon 1/9/2021
Heartless Hidetsugu Rikon 1/9/2021
Kruphix, God of Horizons Rikon 1/9/2021

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