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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Mono Blue (Budget) LORCORMANDER 5/13/2019
Nicol Bolas & Friends Daazze3 5/12/2019
W/U Superfriends Zac Elsik 5/9/2019
"We have a (Gear)Hulk" - Tony Stark The Jeskai Way 5/8/2019
Azorius ASSets shim 5/7/2019
Dimir Artifacts AliasV 5/6/2019
Jeskai Thopters The Jeskai Way 5/3/2019
Artifact (suggestions?) Nashbeez 5/3/2019
Me, Myself, and I Khead161 5/2/2019
artifacts RavioliRavioli 4/28/2019
Oath Break Beat Box Moonanite2 4/16/2019
Dovin Oathbreaker L42liam 4/11/2019
Child Of Alara [EDH] 1forhlol 4/8/2019
Tezzeret's Fatcasters For Less BigBlueFlyGuy 4/5/2019
Esper Greedy Control RockerCCR9 4/2/2019
War against the machine Lellowlad 4/1/2019
Copy Tokens AwesomeRusco 3/29/2019
Legendary Superfriends Delver of Nachos 3/17/2019
i hate constantine asdf 3/16/2019
My cube PikaEldrazi 3/8/2019
Magic Arcanum - Who Dies in War of the Spark? Magic Arcanum 3/6/2019
Zombie Voting Pipulas 3/5/2019
atraxa good stuff Richy0rich 3/1/2019
Aggro Artifacts SamuraiJackReturnsHome 2/26/2019
Dimir Treasure Control Chobeslayer 2/26/2019
VroomVroom Jefferham 2/26/2019
Sai, Master Thopterist Commander Vonrentsalot 2/26/2019
Blueish Artifact TBeezy 2/20/2019
Artifact control Demotrix 2/18/2019
Azorius Midrange dr0x 2/18/2019
The Crucible Reckoning 2/18/2019
Walker midrange Snertin 2/17/2019
Persistent Mill Deck Bhughey24 2/17/2019
Dovan thopters Pewpew 2/7/2019
Avengers Siridius 1/26/2019
Magic Arcanum - What's Happening in Ravnica Allegiance? Magic Arcanum 1/24/2019
Cheap artifacts but it's upgraded MTGBoi 1/23/2019
Mono Blue Benthid SGCRebellion 1/23/2019
Izzet Control Arithmetic 1/21/2019
Just Control it amark18 1/17/2019
Esper Control Chobeslayer 1/15/2019
Coming in Hot Amy the Amazonian 1/15/2019
Esper Artifacts (Modern) JFSushi 1/13/2019
Sultai Artifacts AliasV 1/9/2019
artifacts Magyar 1/2/2019
Arti-Speed D4rkness Aw4its 1/1/2019
Artificer's Thievery (Memnarch) Magyar 1/1/2019
Artifact Walls Awells 1/1/2019
my first deck Lou85_hf 12/27/2018
Arena Control Adam Yurchick 12/21/2018

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