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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Judith EDH TMaddness 7/5/2020
It's Raining Cats and Dogs CommandersJourney 7/3/2020
Jund Dinosaurs Ally Warfield 7/3/2020
rakdos pirates Deegee 6/30/2020
Warriors and Horsemanship DemFate 6/24/2020
Kitty Pride Hammock 6/24/2020
Kolaghan, the Storm's Fury by B clack 6/24/2020
4c Spirits Evaros_TTV 6/21/2020
Slivers Thatjeepguy 6/20/2020
Ungodly Power: God Tribal The Mana Confluence 6/19/2020
Alex's Silvar and Trynn deck Affinity For Commander 6/17/2020
Humans Evaros_TTV 6/16/2020
5c Elementals Meryn 6/15/2020
Orc Eitan 6/14/2020
Pterosaurs Eitan 6/14/2020
Warrior Tribal Commander Thebigbigbomb 6/2/2020
Abzan Human Dono! Evaros_TTV 5/29/2020
Alex's Trynn and Silvar, Human Tribal deck Affinity For Commander 5/29/2020
DinoRAGE JFW 5/28/2020
First Sliver CQ The Kearns 5/18/2020
Gishath and Dinosaurs of Doom DjMoebius 5/17/2020
Crazy aunt cottontoefluff 5/17/2020
Death by a Thousand Slivers YoloSwaggins 5/17/2020
Karona False God The Kearns 5/14/2020
Sliver EDH combo Kraken 5/11/2020
Tribal Staples from the Nitpicking Nerds Nitpicking Nerds 5/9/2020
Coco Humans Evaros_TTV 5/8/2020
Kaheera Cat Tribal Emma Partlow 5/5/2020
Kinnan Druid Tribal EDH CommandersJourney 5/2/2020
Orzhov Humans Kevin Poncelet 5/1/2020
Merfolk Commander Jewy 4/23/2020
Clever Girl... JFW 4/21/2020
Modern Companion: Kaheera, the Orphanguard FluffyWolf 4/18/2020
Arcades, the Strategist. creature heavy Androo 4/18/2020
Goblins Traft 4/15/2020
Commander Online - John's Gishath Praetor Magic 4/15/2020
Edgar (Commander) Mr. Fabulous 4/14/2020
JACKO - LIONS Ahrukin99 4/14/2020
angels wubrg ciannarim 4/10/2020
Precon Power-Up: Upgrading the Ruthless Regiment Deck for $50 Nitpicking Nerds 4/7/2020
Budget Ally EDH BoyZarBack1250 4/6/2020
Hooman Evaros_TTV 4/5/2020
Slivers Broximus Prime 4/5/2020
Simic Commander Blackocat07 3/31/2020
Marisi Exotic, Tiger King ManaCurves 3/31/2020
Naya Dinosaur Tribal Ramp ThrivingIbex 3/31/2020
arc 2 Androo 3/31/2020
Wrath of the Roil CptnJck114 3/30/2020
Eternal Bloodlust CptnJck114 3/30/2020
Mostly White Knights PlayerPete 3/29/2020

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