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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Jeskai Stuff kooba3 2/20/2021
afafaf pizzapizzapizzaria 12/10/2020
adfaefsadfsaf pizzapizzapizzaria 12/9/2020
dfad3dawed pizzapizzapizzaria 12/8/2020
q3dwfda fasd pizzapizzapizzaria 11/23/2020
adsawwdasda pizzapizzapizzaria 11/23/2020
S pizzapizzapizzaria 11/22/2020
Surrka efsdffsadfasdfa pizzapizzapizzaria 11/20/2020
Surrak edhpeifnsdkf pizzapizzapizzaria 11/19/2020
Surrak sed fsdaf pizzapizzapizzaria 11/17/2020
Mother of Dragons DurnkIndustries 11/13/2020
Vex's Cheerio Solitary VEX MTG 10/24/2020
Rielle Herbelinhoo 10/3/2020
Animar price v2 Haruki Yumi 9/27/2020
Keranos, God of Storms jolt539 8/20/2020
FIRES Evaros_TTV 8/12/2020
Animar Price list Haruki Yumi 8/9/2020
Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer jolt539 7/28/2020
Well, you Won't Miss Your Land Drops The Mana Confluence 7/20/2020
Grixis Goodstuff KorkyPlunger 7/19/2020
Izzet Delver (Budget) Emmmzyne 7/12/2020
Izzet See the Truth kooba3 7/11/2020
Jhoira 101 The Kearns 7/6/2020
Izzet Emerge Meryn 6/1/2020
Ral Conduit of Storm Oathbreaker Expansion coolkiasda 5/22/2020
Seismic Swans Emma Partlow 5/12/2020
VROOOOOM Piratenori 4/24/2020
wheel B3stBoyMineta 4/9/2020
Temur Midrange Pioneer Mazao 4/7/2020
The Baron's Jhoira of the Ghitu | Commander Tune-Ups #43 Nitpicking Nerds 3/23/2020
Nicol Bolas, The Eldest Garkus 3/19/2020
Zndrsplt and Okaun Nicklepickle 3/10/2020
Izzet Breach - Spellsling On A Shoestring Syvantir 3/7/2020
CUBE! Sean C 2/27/2020
Maelstrom wanderer EDH Martin 2/19/2020
coin flippers thewildvegetable 2/18/2020
Martin's Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer deck Affinity For Commander 2/14/2020
lol WannaCry 2/10/2020
Oops No Spells I Draw a card 2/6/2020
Maelstrom Wanderer - Upgraded | The Commander's Quarters The Commander's Quarters 2/6/2020
Maelstrom Wanderer | The Commander's Quarters The Commander's Quarters 2/6/2020
Maelstrom Wanderer - Upgraded | CQ Early CQ Early Access 2/5/2020
Maelstrom Wanderer | CQ Early CQ Early Access 2/5/2020
bg cube Poopoopeepee 2/5/2020
What izzet Piratenori 1/27/2020
FIRES Evaros_TTV 1/21/2020
Cerebral Foresight Gramps Tewks 1/8/2020
UR Control Pioneer Joe 1/3/2020
2.) Izzet Phoenix TheJungleBug 12/28/2019
Other for Sale lukedmarquardt 12/22/2019

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