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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Magda ryloth 2/24/2021
Toggo Ravager Moonanite2 11/5/2020
Bosh Fling sm22100 4/8/2020
magic but make it astrophysical gayabeille 3/20/2020
depala dwarf/vehicle tribal Electriccrabz 1/15/2020
Godo, Bandit Janklord Quest for the Janklord 12/19/2019
Saheeli's Artifacts Jace22 7/28/2019
metal masters MR dewitt 7/14/2019
Mono Red Improvise (Ultra Cheap) Martinksk88 4/26/2019
Inventors Enter the Raven 4/22/2019
Vehicular Dwarfslaughter PraisCthulhu 4/17/2019
token army hjwh92rydhujaikdhbhns 2/25/2019
Clues Octathorpo 2/10/2019
Daretti - Artifact Red Commander HadesJester 7/26/2018
mono red Jaya Ballard brawl deck that Naga guy 5/6/2018
Brawling storm Marlokz 4/21/2018
Fast vehicles Techfan2029 3/27/2018
Budget Mono Red Pauper Artifacts Raze 3/1/2018
Andy's Hidetsugu Andy 2/27/2018
Torment of Servos Rizler0x 2/17/2018
Vehicle dreadnought Abyss 2/15/2018
Red Artifacts SithDragon33 12/30/2017
Standard Pauper Monored Artifacts SBMTG_Dev 12/17/2017
Infinite Thopter Factory Isaac 12/6/2017
EDH - Breya (Done) iR8Roont 12/6/2017
Red DiscArtifact Vehicle Burn BUDGET SithDragon33 10/28/2017
Artifact Izzet SithDragon33 10/7/2017
Boros Vehical Pilots SithDragon33 8/2/2017
Pauper Cube (6 Player) aidenpk 6/28/2017
VROOM DECK The Otaku Lord 6/18/2017
Pauper Tokens zaxadillo 5/11/2017
Rakdos Artifacts Baryshnikov 5/10/2017
WRight Brothers Burgundy 4/20/2017
bad pauper Ammonssd 3/31/2017
Budget mono red Acid 3/23/2017
Cesar Segovia BR Aggro Modified TogekissMaster 3/14/2017
R/B Aggro TogekissMaster 3/12/2017
R/B Aggro papa bless 3/11/2017
Grizzly Very First deck Grizzl1k 3/5/2017
Grixis Artifact Burn CartertheAeonsTorn 3/5/2017
Artificer Tribal Improvise Sleep Deprived 2/14/2017
Red-white artifacts Jessay 2/10/2017
UR Artificer Hellio DW 2/5/2017
R/W Dwarf Vehicles crosstiger23 1/16/2017
Naya Thopters/Servos schlaackmusic 1/14/2017
Whirlybirds Kyyrao Bayendel 1/8/2017
temperd burn w/r thedude 10/29/2016
Brutal Truth Xodus 10/26/2016
B/R Kaladesh Prerelease Fodarr 10/5/2016
Gruul artifact-burn Feerios 9/29/2016

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