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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Mono Red Chaos eugeneticzz 3/31/2021
Ruhan Voltron get bent 3/7/2021
Ruhan Commie get bent 11/20/2020
Kenrith the King of Politics JonStopable 9/18/2020
Wallis Tyne Wild Magic EDH Seikura 9/17/2020
kynaios and tiro group hug Electriccrabz 8/6/2020
Chaos and fun 1 Maelstrom WandereR 6/19/2020
Ruric Thar Stax And Face Punching Jewy 5/20/2020
Punching Mages In The Face In EDH Jewy 5/19/2020
My group deck 4.0 Dith 4/2/2020
jhoira of time Electriccrabz 3/17/2020
Singleton Showdown - Kraum, Ludevic's Opus // Ludevic, Necro-Alchemist CMDRNinetyNine 3/11/2020
Communist States of America Fortunatus 3/10/2020
Randomness Joon Ragoon 3/2/2020
Balthor the Stout | The Commander's Quarters The Commander's Quarters 2/27/2020
Balthor the Stout - Upgraded | The Commander's Quarters The Commander's Quarters 2/27/2020
Balthor the Stout - Upgraded | CQ Early CQ Early Access 2/26/2020
Balthor the Stout | CQ Early CQ Early Access 2/26/2020
hgdflsDGsDGM<FSNMFDnmSFNM Pinekernal 2/5/2020
Kendrith Group Hug Deck Plasma Crab 1/27/2020
chaos and other things Pixel_uwu 12/16/2019
Turing Computer Deck Jagnaro 11/2/2019
Yidris EDH Enrdo 6/24/2019
Crazy Casino Xero 00 5/24/2019
Yidris Cascade Enrdo 5/7/2019
Hentali Wolf-Bot 4/12/2019
chaos after the cut ERRORx 3/28/2019
Group Hug Armit 1/20/2019
Jhoira EDH Good Times 12/4/2018
Jhoira of the Ghitu ERRORx 7/25/2018
Coined Chaos Waitingninja 6/22/2018
Jhoira of the Ghitu EDH Budget DovahKriid33 4/16/2018
Norin CHAOS Canyatar 3/4/2018
One Shot (Commander) ZombiMan 2/28/2018
Fatt Fatt Damon 1/3/2018
EDH - Dads (Rebuild) iR8Roont 12/6/2017
Kaalia Refined DanlMcCruz 12/1/2017
Chaos crash_test 11/15/2017
I Literally Have No Clue What I'm Going To Do Taco Master 11/8/2017
Grenzo Chaos - EDHREC Avg. Baryshnikov 10/23/2017
Heartless MEanstuff TrashBoat 9/9/2017
death from rngesus the ho man 8/17/2017
Ruhan EDH call_me_ding 8/8/2017
Drey Drey 6/20/2017
R/W Tantrums BaconHawk 6/8/2017
Zedruu, The Headache (EDH deck by Nam) Lukerson59 2/16/2017
t4 cube tadtheerickopp 4/2/2016
test FrankDTank16 3/26/2016

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