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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
KORVOLD get bent 10/30/2020
Vex's That Healing Feeling (Budget) VEX MTG 10/27/2020
Vex's No Drain, No Gain VEX MTG 10/27/2020
Sneak Attack - Pre-Con Emmmzyne 10/24/2020
S06E08 - Marrow-Gnawer Playing With Power MTG 10/23/2020
S06E08 - Karador Playing With Power MTG 10/23/2020
Korvold Goblin COMBO Booster Therapy 10/21/2020
Andrew's Dont Look Under the Bed Common Command 10/19/2020
Hapatra, Queen of Sneks EDH Deck ChainofCommander 10/19/2020
Budget Ghave Guzzi 10/18/2020
Anowon, The Ruin Sage Dio's World 10/17/2020
Karlov of the Ghost Council MajorDirtbag 10/15/2020
Kels, Fight Fixer J-POPCORN 10/15/2020
slimefoot the saproling Electriccrabz 10/15/2020
QUEEN dont stop me now Doty 10/12/2020
Chainer, Dementia Master FelixMortem 10/10/2020
Shattergang Brothers The Kearns 10/10/2020
orah clerics Electriccrabz 10/9/2020
EDH Saprolings Frank The Tank 10/1/2020
Teysa Karlov Ashbash155 9/29/2020
Obzedat Sippy Sap Dark_Kry13 9/23/2020
Monies Zeketec 9/23/2020
Meren Gazza123switch 9/23/2020
Obzedat Sippy Sap Dark_Kry13 9/23/2020
Zombies + Spirits ZQue 9/18/2020
meren dalps1215 9/18/2020
Timurbek pls pick me James the furry 9/15/2020
Teysa Karlov pdxjohnny 9/15/2020
Hapatra djpattiecake 9/14/2020
slimecrat happy_guy19 9/13/2020
Gisa and Geralf Mark Nestico 9/12/2020
Marchesa Bigoschmigo 9/10/2020
Meren of Clan Nel Toth - Home Brew tWoF 9/10/2020
Golgari Aggro Acetrainerblue MTGO Modern Challenge - 09/05/2020 3rd-4th 9/9/2020
Chainer, Dementia Master FelixMortem 9/9/2020
Martin's Korvold, Fae-Cursed King Deck Affinity For Commander 9/8/2020
Teysa Aristocrats Gideon S 9/7/2020
Orah, Skyclave Hierophant Nitpicking Nerds 9/7/2020
Yawgmoth cEDH Casually Competitive 9/6/2020
Ishkanah cEDH Casually Competitive 9/6/2020
Upgraded Budget Teysa APaL- 9/6/2020
YAWG Evaros_TTV 9/5/2020
Shadowborn Apostles ZQue 9/5/2020
kels fighty fixy Electriccrabz 9/5/2020
Hapatra Casually Competitive 9/4/2020
Teysa Budget EDH APaL- 8/26/2020
Teysa Budget EDH APaL- 8/26/2020
Meren CEDH Caleb Lee 8/25/2020
meren CEDH 2.0 Caleb Lee 8/25/2020
Mardu Citadel | COMMANDER'S BREW - E259 Commander's Brew 8/25/2020
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