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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
EDH - Karador (Order) iR8Roont 12/6/2017
EDH - Rashmi (Done) iR8Roont 12/6/2017
EDH - Triad (Order) iR8Roont 12/6/2017
EDH - Karona (Order) iR8Roont 12/6/2017
EDH - Zedruu (Order) iR8Roont 12/6/2017
EDH - Kaalia (Order) iR8Roont 12/6/2017
EDH - Breya (Done) iR8Roont 12/6/2017
Glissa artifact synergy ManOMunkee 12/5/2017
Elesh Norn EDH Skutters 12/5/2017
In the Eye of the Storm Stupid Guru 12/5/2017
Zo Zu Budget Millon 12/5/2017
Athreos, God of Passage WolfWar 12/5/2017
Odric, lunarch marshal WolfWar 12/4/2017
Roon of the Hidden Realm WolfWar 12/4/2017
EDH RGW Marath lljokeresll 12/4/2017
EDH Locust God lljokeresll 12/4/2017
EDH Zombie lljokeresll 12/4/2017
Super Friends reignbringer 12/4/2017
Grave Robber HyR3z 12/4/2017
Sliver Commander PhoenixSativa 12/4/2017
Phoenix's Nature Deck PhoenixSativa 12/4/2017
Kozilek, the Great Distortion Taco Master 12/4/2017
Jhoira Jank Taco Master 12/3/2017
Sigarda, Host of Herons SlinkiusMaximus 12/3/2017
Animar Taco Master 12/3/2017
Mayael - EDH Derp Actual 12/3/2017
Tymna and Shidiqi Foiled Pluvian 12/2/2017
My current Annorei 12/2/2017
Die Drachen Pluvian 12/2/2017
Nazahn's Shadow Pluvian 12/2/2017
My arahbo Annorei 12/2/2017
Teferi, Temporal Archmage Daniel 12/2/2017
Omnath Stompy adamcordova 12/2/2017
Trostani Life Gain Tokens adamcordova 12/2/2017
Prossh Tokens adamcordova 12/2/2017
Jenara v1 Pluvian 12/2/2017
Surrak Fight Club Pluvian 12/2/2017
Panzermensch Glenn 12/1/2017
+1/+1 Counters Frank The Tank 12/1/2017
balantron FNSpydaman 12/1/2017
Doran EHD Fun Skutters 12/1/2017
Nylea, God of the Hunt EDH Deck lets 12/1/2017
EDH Land - child of alara TreeTroll 12/1/2017
Krenko Mob Boss competitive EDH Kp9977 12/1/2017
Armory of Saint Traft Tortoise Power 12/1/2017
Kaalia Refined DanlMcCruz 12/1/2017
Darksteel Atraxa Hangry 12/1/2017
ZUR EDH tas680 11/30/2017
Arahbo, Roar of the World JemberaMakoa 11/30/2017
Lol TheGodDragon 11/30/2017
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