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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Deck arcaneforest 10/9/2017
Elementals Ophei 10/9/2017
Damia Fun Times Happiness Hour Taco Master 10/9/2017
Treefolk EDH Syndra 10/9/2017
Sneaky Snake Wizard Of The Boast 10/9/2017
Rainbow Dragon {EDH} SithDragon33 10/8/2017
Edgar Markov's party WolfWar 10/8/2017
DRAGON GANG ToyenxPham 10/8/2017
My arahbo Annorei 10/7/2017
Budget scarecrow Bearshark 10/6/2017
Everyone Needs a Hug Mark Davis 10/6/2017
Daghatar the Adamant (Budget EDH by Wedge) Frisbee75 10/6/2017
Budget Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim EDH Xersist 10/6/2017
wb Bamzoomcu 10/6/2017
Rakdos Vampires SithDragon33 10/6/2017
Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim EDH (Budget) lets 10/6/2017
Nekusar Dreamin' MagicM3 10/5/2017
Control the Leylines Tortoise Power 10/4/2017
One Shot (Commander) ZombiMan 10/4/2017
Iname EDH Gwendolin 10/4/2017
Jurrasic World - EDH Wesinator69 10/4/2017
stuff Bamzoomcu 10/4/2017
Meren Commander Devastator 10/4/2017
Kaalia Aggro EDH EpicSchafer 10/4/2017
EDH Top 100 Cards Magister 10/4/2017
Extreme Dinosaurs Vakuso 10/4/2017
Dragon Hive MTG Commander 10/4/2017
Dragon Tribal EDH thordask 10/3/2017
Jurassic Parka EDH WatchWolf34 10/3/2017
Jurassic Parka EDH WatchWolf34 10/3/2017
Scarab God EDH malch 10/3/2017
Lazav, Bloody Mastermind Bruce Richard 10/3/2017
Rosheen EDH call_me_ding 10/3/2017
Commander Nayasaurus Rex NULLcode 10/2/2017
Phoenix's Riku PhoenixSativa 10/2/2017
Kruphix/Eldrazi Hangry 10/1/2017
Nayasaurus Rex Queenie 10/1/2017
Nayasaurus Rex Queenie 10/1/2017
Norin EDH Bushido 10/1/2017
Ghave Aggro Millon 10/1/2017
Yahenni Millon 10/1/2017
Marrow-Gnawer EDH Millon 10/1/2017
The Ideal Deck Taco Master 10/1/2017
Token TripleBGamer 10/1/2017
Brago, King of Blinks Baryshnikov 10/1/2017
Ezuri Millon 9/30/2017
Kruphix Eldrazi Tribal (EDHREC) Baryshnikov 9/30/2017
Kruphix Avg. Deck (EDHREC) Baryshnikov 9/30/2017
Marchesa Diplomat of Bolas Hellbender11 9/30/2017
Zurtai Commander - Creature Types and Enchantments Trinite 9/30/2017

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