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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Jenara Asura of Controltron Pluvian 2/25/2018
Post-Apocalyptic Windfarm Pluvian 2/25/2018
Die Drachen Pluvian 2/25/2018
Dr. Strangelove Pluvian 2/25/2018
Chainer's Devotion Pluvian 2/25/2018
Breya's Token Diversity Pluvian 2/25/2018
Merieke Vectus Pluvian 2/25/2018
Drana Vampires {EDH} SithDragon33 2/25/2018
Neheb Burn {EDH} SithDragon33 2/25/2018
Triple Infect SamuraiJackReturnsHome 2/25/2018
Mizzix DaBeachBall 2/25/2018
Riku Commander OneEyeWay 2/24/2018
Open Hostility Joemtg1986 2/24/2018
Yasova Budget StandardKart 2/24/2018
Tibor and Lumia foreverplayer2 2/24/2018
Phenax Mill Spumanti1985 2/24/2018
Kozilek $20 budget commander Spumanti1985 2/24/2018
The dark pope rises Velkath_moran 2/24/2018
The Mimeoplasm RazorX_83 2/24/2018
Scion of the Ur-Dragon DaBeachBall 2/24/2018
Werewolves {EDH} SithDragon33 2/23/2018
The Terrible Ugly Baby CoolNerdGames 2/22/2018
Damia Commander breeder29 2/22/2018
Mogis slaughter Teq 2/22/2018
Zombie Commander Deck OneEyeWay 2/22/2018
No Fun Zur Commander breeder29 2/22/2018
Omnath & Elves Commander breeder29 2/22/2018
Nekusar, the mindrazer BeastHog 2/22/2018
Lava V(L)amps PobablyPhilip 2/22/2018
selling part 2 Justin Meneses 2/22/2018
selling Justin Meneses 2/22/2018
Atraxa super friends shelby 2/22/2018
Ur-Dragon {EDH} No Budget K1ng0fGam3z 2/21/2018
Wheel of Mizzix OmniSin 2/21/2018
Orzhov Pauper Lifegain EDH Hamroids 2/21/2018
Izzet Pauper Instant/Sorcery EDH Hamroids 2/21/2018
Rune-Tail Commander breeder29 2/21/2018
mono blue edh dendayy 2/21/2018
Balan Voltron rejeck10 2/21/2018
not ur zur dendayy 2/21/2018
zur the enchanter dendayy 2/21/2018
5 color sliver comander Chancems3 2/21/2018
Dargons PobablyPhilip 2/21/2018
Yisan, the Wanderer Bard Grimace1992 2/21/2018
Krenko Boss Grimace1992 2/21/2018
Mill Control sir3x 2/20/2018
Aurelia EDH call_me_ding 2/20/2018
Legend Tutoring (thanks to Milkyway4211) Bruce Richard 2/20/2018
Edgar Markov cheap Mr. Fabulous 2/20/2018
Meren Reanimation WantedWarlock 2/20/2018
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