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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
G/W devotion rcarlo91 4/23/2014
Izzet Aggro Seth Manfield 4/23/2014
Boros Aggro rcarlo91 4/23/2014
white voltron aureo0919 4/23/2014
Turns xcrunner0809 4/23/2014
Grixis Toolbox Shinmu 4/23/2014
GW Prison krako 4/23/2014
Maze's End omgwtfbbqpork 4/22/2014
BUG Superfriends Piwhy 4/22/2014
JUNKLES jayauriemma01 4/22/2014
B/W Midrange EyesofRinnegan 4/22/2014
Simic Devotion Shenanigan Fanaticwes 4/22/2014
Thaumaturge Mollyman1 4/22/2014
Orzhov Gods moose102 4/22/2014
GB Dredge HolyCrusader90 4/22/2014
Rakdos Aggro Theros v2 robynxyamada 4/22/2014
BG Enchantments jdoele 4/22/2014
WWeenie sjgreybar 4/22/2014
Naya Midrange HolyCrusader90 4/22/2014
Orzhov Humans MatthewOry 4/22/2014
Bant Enchantress Atrum1 4/22/2014
GrWh VisChaos 4/22/2014
BUG Devotion Gerard Fabiano 4/22/2014
Rakdos Worst Fears Shinmu 4/22/2014
WombocomboX spells Daemongante 4/22/2014
Mono Red Aggro cade34 4/22/2014
Standard Death and taxes Areiz 4/22/2014
Boros Burn 5ever Gravner 4/22/2014
Stupid Head Lifegain Fanaticwes 4/22/2014
Junk shimagami 4/21/2014
Bant Flash thatANTINERD 4/21/2014
mbd inferno438 4/21/2014
White jebus989 4/21/2014
Infinite Mana into Nyx Fanaticwes 4/21/2014
UR Tempo monster1596 4/21/2014
Golgari Aggro monster1596 4/21/2014
Grixis Control (comments) Jonandvan 4/21/2014
Blue Green control Nate9837 4/21/2014
Monowhite Devotion Craig Wescoe 4/21/2014
Heroic Speed Boilermaker329 4/18/2014
Mono White Test blackflame43 4/18/2014
G/W Enchantments sjgreybar 4/16/2014
Denied Passage Jester0fSpades 4/15/2014
Trosani's GW stahlsc 4/15/2014
RWB Mid MtgJared 4/14/2014
Junk Reanimator Trankalinos 4/14/2014
DT Nicodemus_Faust 4/14/2014
Red Deck Win Surfnet 4/12/2014
Monoblack Devotion Better Sandler 4/10/2014
Enchanted Lock vlazuvius 4/9/2014
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