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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Gorgon's Touch of Death Betelguese90 7/31/2020
Common Cube GeraldBaldZ 7/30/2020
X-Rated LockJaw 7/29/2020
Sidisi, Brood Tyrant - EDH Tracebot21 7/29/2020
Pauper Cube NekoBlue 7/28/2020
weeb Tingly flame 7/28/2020
Zaxara's Hydras tokyodrifloon 7/26/2020
Matter of Artifact HamsterOnStrike 7/20/2020
Etrata EDH xyrojj 7/20/2020
Jojo’s Rats Hdevins369 7/19/2020
Grixis Goodstuff KorkyPlunger 7/19/2020
poo asfdasdf 7/18/2020
a asfdasdf 7/18/2020
Zur the Enchanter EDH xyrojj 7/18/2020
Yuriko Top deck Toolebiey 7/16/2020
Esper Control KombatMatt 7/13/2020
The Dragon Family Tree Dizabelle 7/13/2020
UB Teachings (Pauper) SinCity MTG 7/12/2020
Jeleva Garbage Storm Jenckes 7/11/2020
Enchantment Mill yangerdanger27 7/11/2020
Muldrotha $150 budget Astiewakley 7/9/2020
Tangleroot jackalopes He who plays MTG 7/4/2020
Agile, Mobile, Hostile MisterPig 7/1/2020
Most recent pauper Ikoria ruesifus 7/1/2020
a asfdasdf 6/30/2020
a asfdasdf 6/30/2020
m asfdasdf 6/30/2020
a asfdasdf 6/30/2020
etrata flicker Toolebiey 6/29/2020
etrata flicker Toolebiey 6/29/2020
Dimir Assassins Pauper SinCity MTG 6/27/2020
Oloro, Ageless Ascetic - S.A.L.T Deck Nano69 6/26/2020
Bolas Wins Deck nicolbolasguy2.0 6/25/2020
King of monster mutation Ajcorallo 6/25/2020
Annnd it's Gone Sarcasticator 6/24/2020
Sharuum Charge Counters | COMMANDER'S BREW - E250 Commander's Brew 6/24/2020
Nekusar, the Mindrazer Mr. QAM 6/24/2020
Gigan, Cyberclaw Terror EDH Deck (Gyruda) Booster Therapy 6/24/2020
Warriors and Horsemanship DemFate 6/24/2020
Yuriko ninjas edh Kookiemuker 6/22/2020
Sidisi, Brood Tyrant - BTB | The Commander's Quarters The Commander's Quarters 6/22/2020
Dimir Handlock Pauper SinCity MTG 6/21/2020
Major Mill- Ashiok Brawl Mill The Mana Confluence 6/19/2020
Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker Mill EDH The Mana Confluence 6/19/2020
Kess, Dissident Mage budget morning 6/15/2020
Yuriko BlastBeat 6/12/2020
Nekusar test Balborrah 6/10/2020
Zaxara, The blablabla Lurek 6/8/2020
Atraxa Soup friends Lurek 6/8/2020
Zombie Hunt Lahzael 6/7/2020
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