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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Dino Homesicle 5/19/2019
Islands edudmas 5/18/2019
Surrak Dragonclaw pghvbrothers 5/18/2019
Jund Dreadhorde Butcher Combo The Jeskai Way 5/17/2019
G/W Ajani Nathanos 5/16/2019
troys big stuff ANTI 5/16/2019
troys big stuff ANTI 5/16/2019
G/W (is it good?) 3 Nathanos 5/16/2019
Get Stomped Azmathnerd 5/15/2019
G/W (is it good?) Nathanos 5/15/2019
nissa who deficates derek0660 5/15/2019
troys stuff ANTI 5/15/2019
GR Midrange Unanan 5/11/2019
Jurassic Park Jace22 5/11/2019
Mono Green jlet 5/9/2019
Ghalta EDH Daazze3 5/9/2019
Selesnya Lifegain EDH Leonin1911 5/7/2019
mono green JustDoobIt 5/6/2019
G/U Aggro Brandon Dollaway SCG Open Standard - Richmond - 5/5/2019 33rd-64th 5/6/2019
Mono Green Land Stomper V2 TBeezy 5/4/2019
Cat Lifegain Swarm Commander Leonin1911 5/1/2019
Gu Stompy Lawrus 4/30/2019
Simic Stompy [WAR] Lawrus 4/30/2019
(War) Mono Green Land Stomper TBeezy 4/29/2019
Temur Raze Boar Chobeslayer 4/27/2019
GR Aggro WAR Braxton 4/24/2019
Mono Green Aggro WAR Braxton 4/24/2019
Gruul GODs Aggro WAR Braxton 4/24/2019
Marcus is a twat mzhan21 4/24/2019
Gruul Rekindling Phoenix zekiewon 4/23/2019
Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury Meren 4/23/2019
Hungry Hungry Ghalta Ragnock 4/22/2019
Gishath, Sun's Avatar Commander EDH {MKG} captmkg 4/21/2019
dino Octathorpo 4/21/2019
dino gateway Hawk911 4/18/2019
Dino MTG Arena Deck Choclety 4/18/2019
Gruul Aggro Mig 4/17/2019
Budget Zacama Flargon 4/15/2019
Temur Stompy Chobeslayer 4/15/2019
Temur Stompy Chobeslayer 4/15/2019
Gruul Mid to Late WraithVattr 4/14/2019
Ramp Azoriuss 4/12/2019
Dino Azoriuss 4/12/2019
Rhonas the Indomitable Bombtrack 4/11/2019
test price dinosaurs capnkrool 4/11/2019
mono green stompy char 4/10/2019
Big Green Yago Selli 4/9/2019
Sisay EDH (work in progress) Nug-Guppy 4/5/2019
Dinos unfinished char 4/4/2019
G/U Disruptive Aggro Brittany Hamilton Mythic Invitational - March 2019 5th-8th 4/1/2019
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