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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
standard artifact Goodby666 4/30/2018
standard artifact Goodby666 4/30/2018
standard artifact Goodby666 4/30/2018
standard artifact Goodby666 4/30/2018
standard artifact Goodby666 4/30/2018
Surrak Eldrazi Leek1 4/18/2018
Nekusar Thatjeepguy 4/10/2018
Shiny Toys (budget vintage) Chad_Davis 4/2/2018
Edgar Markov - EDH robocop2 3/27/2018
Zacama, Primal Calamity robocop2 3/26/2018
Gray Ice Water GrandePapi 3/26/2018
Kozilek $20 budget commander Spumanti1985 3/24/2018
IRL Deck - Modern Wolf-Bot 3/24/2018
Rubinia Soulsinger Wolf-Bot 3/23/2018
Breya, Kaladesh Paxsean 3/21/2018
Superfriends EDH Leek1 3/15/2018
Rise of the Beats SonOfEmrakul 3/1/2018
Ulamog EDH ZombiMan 2/28/2018
Butcher of Hope Kglore 2/25/2018
selling part 2 Justin Meneses 2/22/2018
Kozilek, the Great Distortion OmniSin 2/19/2018
Mono blue industrial revolution idiotic man boi 2/16/2018
Mono blue Mechanized idiotic man boi 2/16/2018
Skynet Mr. D 2/15/2018
A New Hope Action_Johny 2/2/2018
Oona {EDH} SithDragon33 1/26/2018
grixis atrifacts jackie CHAN 1/1/2018
Kozilek the Colorblind Spencera 12/13/2017
Artificial existance BrometheusAotB 12/12/2017
Kozilek, the Great Distortion Taco Master 12/4/2017
HOG smash face DNFVarac 11/30/2017
Planar Bridge Toolkit Memnarch 11/24/2017
colorless commander JankMaster 11/21/2017
angels and archons v2 keenis707 11/19/2017
budget kaeverk ninevoltcat 11/16/2017
Thomas Wishlist trex 11/16/2017
Kruphi Hug Commander BaconHawk 11/12/2017
R/G Tron John Herron SCG Regionals Philadelphia - 11/4/17 3rd-4th 11/8/2017
Marchesa Diplomat of Bolas Hellbender11 10/20/2017
5 Color Mana TuxedoJackson 10/14/2017
Kruphix/Eldrazi Hangry 10/1/2017
Kruphix Eldrazi Tribal (EDHREC) Baryshnikov 9/30/2017
Kruphix Avg. Deck (EDHREC) Baryshnikov 9/30/2017
Kruphix EDH Gregory DiTomasso 9/25/2017
Mono Red Control G_TROLL12 9/22/2017
Simic Loopholes SithDragon33 8/17/2017
Atraxa's Harley Progress 8/12/2017
Blue White Aggro Tokens Agroman17 8/7/2017
Eldrazi Thwacky01 8/7/2017
grey boi mrtwoboots 7/19/2017
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