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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Jund Walkers mikejvickery 4/24/2018
Mono Green Value baseball4ev 4/24/2018
Jund Dinosaurs Tanisraistlyn MTGO Competitive Standard League: 04/12/18 4/24/2018
Dinosaurs MrLordmonty 4/22/2018
Naya Dinosaurs Crimson 4/20/2018
4c DinoWalker Ramp Crimson 4/20/2018
Mono-Green Monsters J_tekt MTGO Competitive Standard League: 04/16/18 4/17/2018
R/G Dinosaurs TeutonicKnight 4/13/2018
Jurassic Park - EDH Wesinator69 4/12/2018
Super Dino Smash Bros. MELEE Krath 4/7/2018
They Do Move In Herds hurley71 4/7/2018
Angry Dinos WhiteTiger 4/4/2018
DINOSAURS! Krath 4/3/2018
Naya Dinosaurs Mattg1379 4/1/2018
Life Finds a Way GHOSTofSPARTA629 3/31/2018
Zacama, Primal Calamity robocop2 3/26/2018
Mono Green JohnnyTheBrah 3/23/2018
DinoRampia Guildmaster84 3/23/2018
ROCK Dinosaurs (by ChannelFireball Reid) Trash_Husbando 3/21/2018
G/B R Splash Dinos Skuzznuggit 3/20/2018
Big. Stompy. Dinosaurs. Warlord Hank 3/20/2018
Naya Enrage Macullish 3/19/2018
Naya Ramp Dino Tyymm 3/15/2018
Dinosaur R A M P Trash_Husbando 3/14/2018
asdf Xahrepap 3/13/2018
My Inventory Landon1424 3/12/2018
DINOSUARS Jara 3/12/2018
DINOSUARS Jara 3/12/2018
Gishath Dino Tribal CreatureFeature 3/12/2018
Temur Dinosaurs Crimson 3/7/2018
dino champ 3/7/2018
Naya Ramp TuffGonG240 MTGO Competitive Standard League: 3/5 - 3/11 3/7/2018
Dinos and Meteors (Naya-saurus) Bearded Artsman 3/2/2018
Temur Dinosaurs Massimo Parisi 3/2/2018
Dino G/W Wakening Sun Deck Tanglestanks 3/2/2018
Bant Dinosaurs SBMTG_Dev 3/2/2018
Naya Ramp Pxfolio MTGO Competitive Standard League: 2/26 - 3/4 2/28/2018
The Land Before Time franny pack 2/27/2018
Angry Dinos WOLFIRSILVERHEART 2/27/2018
G/R Enrage Weezman77 2/26/2018
dino naya no budget Thebigbigbomb 2/25/2018
Dinosaur Deck Babitas 2/23/2018
R/G DinoRawrs (Comments welcome!) SirMize22 2/23/2018
Red & Green dino sidajoel 2/23/2018
R/G aggro Rayneislife 2/22/2018
turbo torment crash_test 2/22/2018
Dinos Ohmoxide 2/18/2018
Primal Tribal DurnkIndustries 2/17/2018
R/G Dinosaurs BSWeitz MTGO Competitive Standard League: 2/12 - 2/18 2/16/2018
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