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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Bant Snow FestiFan MTGO Modern Challenge - 06/27/2020 3rd-4th 6/30/2020
Green Thrun EDH MightyGauntlet2 6/30/2020
Semi-Optimal Modern Golgari Rock (Part 2) Emmmzyne 6/29/2020
Semi-Optimal Modern Golgari Rock Emmmzyne 6/29/2020
Semi-Optimal Modern Golgari Rock Emmmzyne 6/27/2020
Semi-Optimal Modern Golgari Rock Emmmzyne 6/27/2020
Budget Modern Golgari Rock Emmmzyne 6/27/2020
Serra Worship Meryn 6/15/2020
test m c 4/26/2020
Enhanced Evolution Upgrades (~$50) Nitpicking Nerds 4/11/2020
Precon Power-Up: Upgrading the Enhanced Evolution Deck for $50 Nitpicking Nerds 4/11/2020
Big zoo Josefista2 4/8/2020
Jund Modern Mazao 4/7/2020
Thrun, the last swoll Misplay Master 4/6/2020
Thrun Voltron sm22100 4/3/2020
Mason's Corona Draft Deck The Crypt Master 3/19/2020
Reckless zoo Josefista2 3/3/2020
Unga Bunga mjrsea 2/24/2020
Stomp Broximus Prime 2/11/2020
Borrowed Green akswani 12/11/2019
$100 Commander Gaddock Teeg eric z7155 12/9/2019
Doran, the Siege Tower EDH Crosscurrent 12/3/2019
Sisay - Legends Deck Sesquipedalian 11/11/2019
Michael's Cube captainfreddy314 10/14/2019
Mono Green Ramp (Commander) NarjuNajnimre 10/10/2019
Jund Josefista2 9/26/2019
Crucible Strip Miner Meryn 9/15/2019
Mono Green Strip Miner Meryn 9/14/2019
Karn Counters Icteridae MTGO Modern Playoff - 09/07/2019 5th-8th 9/11/2019
GU Opposition Ramp Cultic Cube 9/5/2019
Temur Elemental Value Town Meryn 9/4/2019
Devoted Devastation Mickey Humphries SCG Open Modern - Dallas - 9/01/2019 9th-16th 9/2/2019
SFM is Death Jairo Alberto Parra 8/29/2019
Bant Stoneblade Dragonhill Games 8/27/2019
KarnPonza SIL3NTV3LCRO 8/23/2019
R/G Valakut Ashby Graves Mythic Championship Barcelona 2019 7/28/2019
Thrun, the Vast Thrull bman0621 7/15/2019
Sultai Snow Ninjas Frank Lepore 7/5/2019
DS Domain Zoo De1v1onic 7/1/2019
Sultai Zxrogue 6/19/2019
strange control deck reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 6/16/2019
Serra Troll Worship Meryn 6/15/2019
Black Heart kingmagic95 6/15/2019
Jund Midrange Ragnock 6/9/2019
Amulet Titan Andrew Collins SGC Classic Modern- Louisville - 5/26/2019 9th-16th 5/27/2019
Facebeater Broximus Prime 4/25/2019
Naya Valakut PhyZziKs 4/25/2019
Modern Zoologist Broximus Prime 4/17/2019
Rhonas the Indomitable Bombtrack 4/11/2019
Valakut Breach Quang Vu SCG Open Modern - Cleveland - 04/07/2019 17th-32nd 4/8/2019
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