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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Athreos Sacs OmniSin 1/17/2018
Revel in Mardu 90o222 1/17/2018
Revel in Mardu 90o222 1/17/2018
dsfsdf FriedChickenBob 1/17/2018
Mono Black Aggro PL9 MTGO Competitive Standard League: 12/25-12/31 1/17/2018
Mono-Black Aggro PL9 MTGO Competitive Standard League: 1/1-1/7 1/17/2018
B/W Vampire baseball4ev 1/17/2018
Black White Flyer pkiller 1/15/2018
bw vampires Legacy Deck 1/15/2018
White-Black Vampires Craig Wescoe 1/12/2018
Athreos Crypt and Taxes OmniSin 1/10/2018
Alesha Who Smiles At Death Commander TheTrueBanana 1/10/2018
b vampz Diamorif 1/9/2018
+1/+1 Counters Frank The Tank 1/3/2018
aggro mardu necromancy TheGodDragon 1/2/2018
Machine Head 2017 georgeversion1 12/30/2017
Mardu Vampires Poketlynt 12/29/2017
Alesha Who Smiles at Death EDH JP29 12/27/2017
mono black aetherborn angrychicken11 12/27/2017
MONO-BLACK AGGRO Death Young Boy 12/23/2017
Mono-Black Aggro BrightDays MTGO Competitive Standard League 12/18-12/24 12/20/2017
Mono-Black Aggro tabananga Standard MOCS - 12/16/17 17th-32nd 12/18/2017
Anafenza Aggro Millon 12/18/2017
Mono-Black Aggro tabananga MTGO Competitive Standard League: 12/11-12/17 12/18/2017
Serial Killers Archbee 12/14/2017
Sultai Counters God anchoritejoe 12/13/2017
Mono Black Aggro _alice1986_ MTGO Standard PTQ - 12/9/2017 5th-8th 12/10/2017
Black Control zaxadillo 11/30/2017
RB Aggro JediKnight 11/30/2017
Mono-Black Aggro Andrej Prost 11/30/2017
total mtg MICH 11/17/2017
total mtg MICH 11/17/2017
Mardu Reckoning Seth Manfield 11/17/2017
b PaleFox 11/9/2017
B/R Aggro II FatAL47 11/8/2017
Mono Black Control Travissmith3 11/8/2017
Yahenni RubixQueb 11/7/2017
Mono-Black Aggro Andrej Prost Pro Tour Ixalan 11/6/2017
Esper God-Pharaoh's Gift kozoukun MTGO Competitive Standard League: 10/30-11/5 11/6/2017
B/R Aggro Eddie Caudill Pro Tour Ixalan 33rd-64th 11/6/2017
B/R Aggro Tetsubou MTGO Standard PTQ - 11/5/2017 17th-32nd 11/6/2017
B/R Aggro Kazuki Yada Pro Tour Ixalan 11/6/2017
Mono black aggro Trash_Husbando 11/2/2017
buylist unicornqueen 11/2/2017
B/R Aggro wewter MTGO Competitive Standard League: 10/30-11/5 10/31/2017
Hungry Hungry Vampire Jesskeez 10/30/2017
B/R Aggro Takuwaan MTGO Competitive Standard League: 10/23-10/29 10/30/2017
B/R Aggro Shadow_PT MTGO Standard PTQ - 10/28/17 17th-32nd 10/29/2017
B/R Aggro Plain Bagel MTGO Standard PTQ - 10/28/17 5th-8th 10/29/2017
B/R Aggro TFTljhub MTGO Standard PTQ - 10/28/17 3rd-4th 10/29/2017
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