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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
mono black aetherborn angrychicken11 5/17/2018
Budget Green/Black Shrooms Tedco.exe 5/16/2018
Marchesa Grixis Millon 5/15/2018
Yahenni {EDH} Xedex 5/14/2018
Budget W/B Teshar Infinites SBMTG_Dev 5/13/2018
Muldrotha {EDH} U/W Plain Control 5/13/2018
Muldrotha {EDH} U/W Plain Control 5/13/2018
Bobtu Brawl Trial // Tribulations 5/11/2018
GB Meren/Journey Reanimator MisterTumnis 5/10/2018
Elenda Tokens TColl 5/8/2018
Glorious Rebirth VILN Jaydub 5/7/2018
Abzan Constrictor 12Days MTGO Competitive Standard League: 04/30/18 5/1/2018
Teshar Combo SaffronOlive 4/29/2018
Muldrotha Reanimator Spoonce2k17 4/27/2018
Traxos LON088 4/22/2018
Teshar Loops Scarrin217 4/22/2018
infinate KwickDraw 4/21/2018
Garna Brawl Adam Yurchick 4/19/2018
Muldrotha Brawl Adam Yurchick 4/19/2018
Teshar Loops Jon Corpora 4/13/2018
Marchesa, the Black Rose (WIP) Wolf-Bot 4/12/2018
Alesha, Hero of Boros $50 EDH Spirits 4/11/2018
Grenzo, Dungeon Warden Bruce Richard 4/10/2018
Marchesa Steal Everything blackviper 4/9/2018
Elenda Brawl baseball4ev 4/8/2018
Grixis Aggro Thunderbreak Regent 4/7/2018
Possh, Skyraider of Kher HighTower 4/5/2018
B/R Aggro Pandabeast24 MTGO Competitive Standard League: 04/02/18 4/3/2018
Kambal Tribal Brawl ComboKen 3/31/2018
White Black Vampires Rivals Standard Krath 3/28/2018
B/R Aggro Pandabeast24 MTGO Competitive Standard League: 03/26/18 3/26/2018
Mono Black Control Vampires Geronimo Decks 3/7/2018
Alesha EDH Budget Andeee_ 3/7/2018
Mono Black Vampires {EDH} SithDragon33 3/4/2018
Black Red "Control" Homelander 3/1/2018
Mono Black Aggro Lord of Waves, Master of Storm 2/27/2018
Drana Vampires {EDH} SithDragon33 2/25/2018
G/B (comment) Velkath_moran 2/24/2018
W/B Vampires CapnCDaWg MTGO Competitive Standard League: 2/19 - 2/25 2/20/2018
BW Vamp Aggro Unbrok3nSarkhan 2/20/2018
Meren Reanimation WantedWarlock 2/20/2018
mono black re idiotic man boi 2/19/2018
Mono Black Reanimator v3 idiotic man boi 2/19/2018
Athreos Sacs OmniSin 2/19/2018
Mono black reanimator idiotic man boi 2/19/2018
Exploring Eternity riverofroses 2/18/2018
Journey to Ascension Mystic snake 2/17/2018
GB Journey to Eternity SBMTG_Dev 2/16/2018
mono black curse crash_test 2/16/2018
W/B Vampires Akerlund MTGO Competitive Standard League: 2/12 - 2/18 2/16/2018
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