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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
B/R Aggro Gabriel Carleton-Barnes Pro Tour Ixalan 33rd-64th 11/6/2017
Four-Color Energy Carlos Alexandre Esteves Pro Tour Ixalan 33rd-64th 11/6/2017
Temur Energy Carlos Romao Grand Prix Washington DC 2017 9th-16th 9/4/2017
Titan Shift Carlos Alexander Esteves Grand Prix Sao Paulo 2017 17th-32nd 8/15/2017
Grixis Shadow Carlos Romao Grand Prix Sao Paulo 2017 5th-8th 8/14/2017
Grixis Death's Shadow Carlos Moral Grand Prix Birmingham 2017 9th-16th 8/13/2017
Grixis Colossus Carlos Nino SCG Classic Standard - Syracuse - 8/6/17 9th-16th 8/7/2017
B/G Pummeler Gabriel Carleton-Barnes Pro Tour Hour of Devastation 7/30/2017
Carlos' Sasaya Deck Carlos Gutierrez 7/25/2017
Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim carlos lecaros 7/22/2017
Keranos, God of Storms carlos lecaros 7/22/2017
Ezuri Budget 150 EDH carlos lecaros 7/18/2017
Trostani Tokens Budget carlos lecaros 7/16/2017
Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis (comandante) Victor Alvarado carlos lecaros 7/15/2017
Keranos, God of Storms 150 carlos lecaros 7/15/2017
Mardu Vehicles Carlosnasif MTGO Competitive Standard League: 7/3-7/9 7/9/2017
Bant Eldrazi Chris Carlile SCG Classic Modern - Roanoke - 7/2/17 9th-16th 7/4/2017
Scapeshift Carlos Ballester 2017 Grand Prix Copenhagen 17th-32nd 5/28/2017
B/R Aggro Carlos Mohor 2017 Grand Prix Santiago 17th-32nd 5/22/2017
Temur Marvel Carlos Romao 2017 Grand Prix Santiago 9th-16th 5/21/2017
temp card list carl 5/5/2017
B/G Energy Carl Buck SCG Classic Standard - Atlanta - 04/30/2017 17th-32nd 5/2/2017
Roguelike carlcory 4/8/2017
Liliana Vess carlcory 4/8/2017
Mind Seize Edited carlcory 4/4/2017
Phyrexia Artifacts B/W/R carlcory 4/3/2017
Might carlcory 4/3/2017
Mind carlcory 4/3/2017
UB Commander Control carlcory 4/1/2017
UB Commander Gonti/Baral carlcory 4/1/2017
UB Mind Control carlcory 3/29/2017
Ætherborn Tribal My Version carlcory 3/25/2017
UB Control With Creatures carlcory 3/25/2017
GB Delirium Carlos Martinez Morales Amonkhet RPTQ - Mexico City 5th-8th 3/19/2017
Elves carlcory 3/17/2017
Mtg Deck Tech: B/R Control in Aether Revolt Standard carlcory 3/16/2017
Mardu Ballista Juan Carlos Abedo Diaz Grand Prix Barcelona 2017 9th-16th 3/13/2017
Glenfid control carlcory 3/8/2017
Invent Superiority carlcory 3/6/2017
Mind Seize carlcory 2/23/2017
Gonti Mono Black carlcory 2/21/2017
Goblins carlcory 2/21/2017
Monstrous Surprise carlcory 2/21/2017
Dark Dephts carlcory 2/21/2017
Ninjas carlcory 2/21/2017
U/B/R Powerhouse Robby Carlisle 1/8/2017
Red-Green Aetherworks Marvel Juan Carlos Abedo Diaz 2016 Grand Prix Madrid 33rd-64th 12/4/2016
U/W/G INVESTIGATE Robby Carlisle 11/26/2016
W/U Flash Carl Harden 2016 TCGplayer Standard State Champs - MA 1st 11/7/2016
Grixis Delver Brenden Mccarley SCG Open Legacy - Baltimore - 11/5/16 5th-8th 11/7/2016
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