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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Riddle of the Sphinx bluecthulhu 11/16/2019
green black gorgon bluecthulhu 11/3/2019
Spiky Druid Cthulhu 10/4/2019
Boros Aggro Cthulhu 10/2/2019
Boros Aggro Cthulhu 10/2/2019
Boros Aggro Cthulhu 10/1/2019
Not your average garden worms Cthulhu 9/16/2019
Forest Nukes Cthulhu 9/14/2019
Dragonauts Cthulhu 9/10/2019
Wee Dragonstorm Cthulhu 9/9/2019
Walls Commander Cthulhu 7/20/2019
Vehicular Dwarfslaughter PraisCthulhu 4/17/2019
Nicol Bolas Tribal PraisCthulhu 4/12/2019
Mono-White Taxes PraisCthulhu 4/11/2019
Best Burn Cthulhu 4/11/2019
Tolsimir, Friend to Wolves - Wolf Tribal PraisCthulhu 4/7/2019
Magus of the Coffers Combo Cthulhu 4/5/2019
Evan Bailey Here Ya Go Cthulhu 4/4/2019
Turbo Mill Cthulhu 12/18/2018
Budget Netsuke Cthulhu 12/14/2018
Budget Netsuke Cthulhu 12/10/2018
Evan Bailey Budget Turbo Surveil Cthulhu 11/15/2018
Evan Bailey Hexmage Depths Cthulhu 11/14/2018
Evan Bailey Taxes, More Taxes, And Crippling Depression Induced by Taxes Cthulhu 11/13/2018
Evan Bailey "the Rats in the Walls" Cthulhu 11/10/2018
Evan Bailey Thopters Cthulhu 11/10/2018
Evan Bailey Budget Abortion Cthulhu 11/10/2018
Evan Bailey Metalwork Colossus Cthulhu 11/10/2018
Evan Bailey Izzet Ooze Go Cthulhu 11/9/2018
Evan Bailey Urza Combo Cthulhu 11/7/2018
Evan Bailey Thopter Budget Cthulhu 11/7/2018
Evan Bailey Thopter Armageddon Cthulhu 11/5/2018
Evan Bailey Grapeshot Storm Cthulhu 11/4/2018
Evan Bailey Artifact Cthulhu 11/3/2018
Budget Lantern Evan Bailey Cthulhu 11/2/2018
Shadowborn Apostle Cthulhu 10/29/2018
Izzet Drakes PraisCthulhu 10/25/2018
Budget Boros PraisCthulhu 10/19/2018
Evan Bailey Boros Star Cthulhu 10/18/2018
Selesnya tokens PraisCthulhu 10/15/2018
Evan Bailey Mono Burn Cthulhu 10/13/2018
imp Cthulhu 9/26/2018
Planeswalker Trolls PraisCthulhu 7/19/2018
The wall got 10' higher PraisCthulhu 7/19/2018
Sarkasaurus PraisCthulhu 7/19/2018
zombies PraisCthulhu 7/19/2018
Arcades Walls PraisCthulhu 7/18/2018
Gehenna redcthulhu 5/7/2018
Monored Burn CthulhuEnPijamas MTGO Modern Premier - 7356119 - 8/11/14 9th-16th 8/20/2014
not boss naya call0fcthulhu 3/30/2010

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