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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Modern: Karnza - Ponza to my Prison FluffyWolf 9/30/2021
Modern: Showcase Burn FluffyWolf 9/28/2021
Modern: Jeskai Phoenix FluffyWolf 9/25/2021
Modern: Bant Enchantment Prison FluffyWolf 9/22/2021
Modern: Red Eldrazi Prison FluffyWolf 9/20/2021
Standard - Alrinn's Wolf Pack FluffyWolf 9/19/2021
Modern: Sultai Murky Mill FluffyWolf 9/15/2021
Modern: Darcy Reanimator FluffyWolf 9/11/2021
Modern: UW Miracles In 2021 - Ha ha ha... FluffyWolf 9/8/2021
Modern: Yawgmoth Combo - BG Sac FluffyWolf 9/7/2021
Modern: Fury Red Prison v2 FluffyWolf 9/5/2021
Modern: Hammer Time FluffyWolf 9/5/2021
Modern: Wish upon a Fire - Spider & Evaros Collab FluffyWolf 8/30/2021
Modern: Nahiri Boom 2021 FluffyWolf 8/27/2021
Modern: Yasharn Green Devotion (Gw) FluffyWolf 8/25/2021
Modern: Karn's Mono Green Control Devotion FluffyWolf 8/25/2021
Modern: Indomitable Cruel Spaghetti FluffyWolf 8/23/2021
Modern: Yo-Zu Fire Hate FluffyWolf 8/18/2021
Modern: Sultai Shinobis FluffyWolf 8/17/2021
Modern: White Prison - A Book of Exalted FluffyWolf 8/16/2021
Modern: Zo-zu's Barbed Land Hate FluffyWolf 8/14/2021
Modern: Hideous Mill v2 FluffyWolf 8/14/2021
Modern: Naya Miracles FluffyWolf 8/11/2021
Modern: Grixis Deathshadow - AspiringSpike FluffyWolf 8/10/2021
Modern: Skred Red - Post MH2 FluffyWolf 8/7/2021
Modern: RW Lockout - A Prismatic Splash FluffyWolf 8/4/2021
Modern: BW Grief Reanimator FluffyWolf 7/31/2021
Modern: Esper Reanimator FluffyWolf 7/31/2021
Modern: Moon Blade FluffyWolf 7/26/2021
Modern: Fury Red Prison FluffyWolf 7/24/2021
Modern: Karn Tron Prison FluffyWolf 7/21/2021
Modern: Karn Rack FluffyWolf 7/21/2021
Modern: GB Reanimator - Last God Dono FluffyWolf 7/20/2021
Modern: Hoofaffinity FluffyWolf 7/17/2021
Modern: Hideous Mill FluffyWolf 7/17/2021
Modern: Mardu Land Destruction FluffyWolf 7/14/2021
Modern: BW Pox Blade FluffyWolf 7/3/2021
Modern: RB Delirium Monke FluffyWolf 7/3/2021
Modern: BW Pox Blade FluffyWolf 6/29/2021
Modern: Lucky 7 Monke Moon FluffyWolf 6/23/2021
Modern: Black Void Prison FluffyWolf 6/18/2021
Modern: Ragavan Red Punisher FluffyWolf 6/18/2021
Modern: Versperlark MH2 - Revised FluffyWolf 6/17/2021
Modern: Red Prison Fury FluffyWolf 6/16/2021
Modern: Solemnity Nine Lives FluffyWolf 6/10/2021
Modern: Enchantress Emrakul FluffyWolf 6/9/2021
Modern: Enchantress FluffyWolf 6/7/2021
Modern: UR Breach - Manatraders FluffyWolf 6/1/2021
Modern: Jeskai Breach Creativity FluffyWolf 5/29/2021
Modern: RW Efreet Lockout FluffyWolf 5/28/2021
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