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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Minotaur Jewy 2/6/2019
Wurms Jewy 1/29/2019
Howl You Doin? Jewy 1/23/2019
Hydra Ramp Jewy 1/23/2019
Order of the Betrayers Jewy 12/30/2018
Golgari Insta Kills Jewy 12/22/2018
Merfolk Budget Jewy 11/22/2018
Spellz Jewy 10/11/2018
Imagination Ruins All Jewy 10/11/2018
When The Forest Fights Back Jewy 10/11/2018
Your a Harry Wizard Jewy 10/11/2018
Spell Slinging Horror Jewy 10/10/2018
Nicol Bolas's Torment Jewy 10/9/2018
Ugin's Return Jewy 10/5/2018
Mono Red - Tribe of The Red Flying Lizard Jewy 10/5/2018
Bloodghast Is OP Jewy 9/22/2018
Rampaging Vampires Jewy 9/22/2018
Horrors of the Deep Jewy 9/22/2018
Zombies Jewy 9/21/2018
Grave Spirits - Mono Black Jewy 9/21/2018
Unbreakable Artifacts Jewy 9/21/2018
Angel's of Death Jewy 9/19/2018
Power of The Elements Jewy 9/13/2018
WR Legendary Samurai Jewy 9/13/2018
A Giant's Toe Jewy 9/13/2018
Now You See Me Jewy 9/13/2018
Wither Away Jewy 9/11/2018
Unkillable Vampires - Mono Black Jewy 9/8/2018
WU - Spirits Jewy 9/6/2018
BR - Devils n Demons Jewy 9/4/2018
W Soldiers Jewy 9/1/2018
Mono Black - Damage/LifeGain/Discard or Sacrifice Jewy 8/31/2018
Jet Fuel Cant Melt Steel Hydras Jewy 8/18/2018
Mono Black - Broken Combo Jewy 8/18/2018
Alpha Aggro Werewolves - Pack Hunters Jewy 8/3/2018
Dragon Commander Jewy 7/25/2018
BG Awesome Jewy 7/20/2018
BG Awesome Jewy 7/20/2018
BG Awesome Jewy 7/20/2018
Vampires Aggro - Mono Black Jewy 5/14/2018
Vampires Aggro - Mono Red Jewy 5/14/2018
Sultai Casual Jewy 5/10/2018
Minds' Melting Point Jewy 3/31/2018
We Who Know No Fear Jewy 3/31/2018
Slaughter Is An Understatement Jewy 3/30/2018
Animar, Soul of Elements Jewy 3/30/2018
Budget Vamp Jewy 3/18/2018
Kaalia of the Vast - Commander - Cast Angels n Demons for free! Jewy 2/18/2018
+1/+1 Counters/Tokens Commander Jewy 2/10/2018
Jet Fuel Cant Melt Steel Hydras Jewy 2/4/2018

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