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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Top 10 Budget Commander Cards from Ultimate Masters JumboCommander 12/24/2018
Virtus the Veiled and Gorm the Great Budget Partners JumboCommander 12/21/2018
Tymna and Akiri BUDGET Agrro Artifacts JumboCommander 12/14/2018
Tymna and Akiri Aggro Artifacts JumboCommander 12/14/2018
It's Time to Buy Battlebond! JumboCommander 11/29/2018
Trostani Selesnyas Voice but with Better Tokens JumboCommander 11/14/2018
MTG Arena Singleton: Tempo Blue JumboCommander 11/10/2018
Izoni Thousand Eyed on a Budget JumboCommander 10/24/2018
MTG Arena Singleton: Big Green JumboCommander 10/22/2018
MTG Arena Singleton: A Bigger Boros JumboCommander 10/17/2018
MTG Arena Singleton: Sultai Dreameater JumboCommander 10/15/2018
Sasaya, Orochi Ascendant BUDGET Big Mana JumboCommander 10/10/2018
Tajic Legion's Edge Commander JumboCommander 10/4/2018
Commander Players! Buy These Top 10 Amonkhet Staples JumboCommander 9/6/2018
Commander Players! Aether Revolt is leaving Standard! JumboCommander 9/4/2018
Commander Players! Take Advantage of Rotation and Buy Kaladesh JumboCommander 9/1/2018
Yennett, Cryptic Sovereign an Odd Build JumboCommander 8/24/2018
Arcades the Strategist Shields-Up JumboCommander 7/12/2018
Vaevictus Asmadi the Dire Top-Decks JumboCommander 7/5/2018
Nicol Bolas the Ravager Dragon Discard Combo JumboCommander 7/5/2018
Commander Players Buy Iconic Masters! JumboCommander 6/28/2018
Grothama, All-Devouring End-Boss JumboCommander 6/20/2018
Zndrsplt and Okaun Chaotic Flippy Deck JumboCommander 6/13/2018
Regna the Redeemed & Krav the Unredeemed JumboCommander 6/6/2018
Najeela, the Blade-Blossom Budget Warriors JumboCommander 5/30/2018
Najeela, the Blade-Blossom Commanding Warriors JumboCommander 5/30/2018

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