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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Modern: Tergrid's Arena Black Devotion FluffyWolf 2/13/2021
Modern: Tergrid's Rakdos Prison FluffyWolf 2/12/2021
Modern: White Prison - Silencing Tibalt FluffyWolf 2/9/2021
Modern: Vesperlark Reanimator - Tibalt Meta FluffyWolf 2/6/2021
Modern: Silent Scepter - Quieting Tibalt FluffyWolf 2/6/2021
Modern: BW Token Blade FluffyWolf 2/3/2021
Modern: Zirda RW Lockout - Kaldheim FluffyWolf 2/3/2021
Modern: Roiling Red Punisher FluffyWolf 2/2/2021
Modern: Red Vortex Punisher FluffyWolf 2/2/2021
Modern: Tibalt's Cosmic Jund FluffyWolf 1/31/2021
Modern: Red Prison Quakebringer FluffyWolf 1/31/2021
Modern: Termur Skydiver Ponza FluffyWolf 1/25/2021
Modern: Grixis Skydiver Ponza FluffyWolf 1/25/2021
Legacy: Red Prison FluffyWolf 1/25/2021
Modern: BW Hammer Time 2021 FluffyWolf 1/25/2021
Modern: 8 WHACK! FluffyWolf 1/23/2021
Modern: Chandra Tribal Red Prison (v2) FluffyWolf 1/20/2021
Modern: Zoo Landfall - Revisit (V2) FluffyWolf 1/20/2021
Modern: Turbo Boom Bust - Revisit FluffyWolf 1/20/2021
Modern: Super Qualifier Jund FluffyWolf 1/20/2021
Modern: Red 5 Moon Prison FluffyWolf 1/19/2021
Modern: Dimir Mill FluffyWolf 1/16/2021
Modern: Pack Rat Black Prison FluffyWolf 1/16/2021
Modern: Red Prison - 6 Moons FluffyWolf 1/14/2021
Artifact Frenzy GumballfromGumball 1/14/2021
Artifact Frenzy GumballfromGumball 1/14/2021
Modern: Obosh Skred Red FluffyWolf 1/13/2021
Modern: Blue Moon FluffyWolf 1/13/2021
Modern: Red Rack + Kroxa Skelemental FluffyWolf 1/13/2021
Modern: Thieving Skydiver Ponza FluffyWolf 1/11/2021
Modern: UG Infect - ExtraLife FluffyWolf 1/11/2021
Modern: Zoo Landfall - Reddit FluffyWolf 1/8/2021
Modern: Red Punisher 2021 FluffyWolf 1/8/2021
Modern: Zur's Uro Weirding Lock FluffyWolf 1/8/2021
Modern: Grixis Flash 'n' Faeries FluffyWolf 1/6/2021
Modern: Waste Not Lurrus your Caress Is here! FluffyWolf 1/6/2021
Modern: The Lurrus Rock FluffyWolf 1/4/2021
Modern: Red Prison - Lucky 7 Moons - ManaTraders Series FluffyWolf 1/3/2021
Modern: Red Prison - Lucky 7 Moons FluffyWolf 12/31/2020
Modern: RW Lockout Walkers and Bridges FluffyWolf 12/31/2020
Modern: Black Prison FluffyWolf 12/31/2020
Modern Kroxa Skelemental Kitty Nightmare V3 FluffyWolf 12/28/2020
Modern: Stone Spaghetti v2 FluffyWolf 12/28/2020
Modern: White Rack 2021 FluffyWolf 12/28/2020
Modern: Sultai Mill - 61 Card Special FluffyWolf 12/28/2020
Modern: Abzan Heliod Combo FluffyWolf 12/27/2020
Modern: Gruul Smash - Holiday Special FluffyWolf 12/25/2020
Arcades SnowWolf 12/24/2020
Skullbriar SnowWolf 12/24/2020
Olivia SnowWolf 12/24/2020
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