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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Gruul Embercleave Aggro V.1 MTGDomain 10/25/2019
Bant Happily Ever After MTGDomain 10/25/2019
Golgari Gruesome Knights MTGDomain 10/24/2019
Boros Righteousness/Fling Knights Combo MTGDomain 10/23/2019
Temur Double (X) Unbound Flourishing MTGDomain 10/23/2019
Korvold, Fae-Cursed King EDH MTGDomain 10/21/2019
Azorius Soulherder MTGDomain 10/18/2019
Bant Soulherder MTGDomain 10/18/2019
Orzhov Cat Food MTGDomain 10/18/2019
Rakdos Cat Food MTGDomain 10/18/2019
Mono Red Torbran MTGDomain 10/18/2019
Gingerbrute Beatdown MTGDomain 10/17/2019
Mono White Weenie MTGDomain 10/17/2019
Boros Knights MTGDomain 10/17/2019
Sultai Tokens MTGDomain 10/17/2019
Jeskai Fires Superfriends MTGDomain 10/17/2019
Esper Dance of the Manse MTGDomain 10/17/2019
Simic Ramp MTGDomain 10/17/2019
Mono Black Aristocrats MTGDomain 10/17/2019
Mono Blue Aggro Mill MTGDomain 10/17/2019
Mardu Enchantments MTGDomain 10/17/2019
Esper Doom MTGDomain 10/17/2019
Izzet Double Draw Drakes MTGDomain 10/15/2019
Esper Doom (Budget) MTGDomain 10/15/2019
Golgari Food Tokens MTGDomain 10/11/2019
Jinxed Idol Aristocrats Combo (Budget) MTGDomain 10/10/2019
Jinxed Idol Aristocrats Combo MTGDomain 10/10/2019
Abzan Wolf Tribal MTGDomain 10/10/2019
Korvold, Fae-Cursed King MTGDomain 10/10/2019
Slimefoot's Saproling Farm MTGDomain 10/9/2019
Naya Grumgully MTGDomain 10/9/2019
Niv-Mizzet Reborn Infinite Combo MTGDomain 10/9/2019
Jeskai Spirits MTGDomain 10/8/2019
Izzet Double Card Draw MTGDomain 10/8/2019
Alela, Artful Provocateur Enchantments MTGDomain 10/7/2019
Kamigawa Rats (Not a Rat colony turbo deck) MTGDomain 10/7/2019
Mono Black Good Stuff V.2 MTGDomain 10/3/2019
Simic Food Tokens MTGDomain 10/3/2019
Shadowborn Apostle's Demons MTGDomain 10/3/2019
Kethis Combo MTGDomain 10/2/2019
(X) GY Recursion MTGDomain 9/30/2019
Simic Flash MTGDomain 9/30/2019
Elemental Aggro MTGDomain 9/30/2019
Domain Horses MTGDomain 9/30/2019
Mono Black Good Stuff MTGDomain 9/26/2019
Infinite Eggs MTGDomain 9/26/2019
Persist Solemnity Combo MTGDomain 9/25/2019
Lands Matter MTGDomain 9/24/2019
Simic Proliferate MTGDomain 9/24/2019
Vampires MTGDomain 9/23/2019

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