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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Storm srwilliams26 12/20/2014
Animar Tiny Leaders srwilliams26 12/15/2014
Sydri Tiny Leaders srwilliams26 11/28/2014
Fiend Burn srwilliams26 11/23/2014
Loam Assault srwilliams26 11/6/2014
Goblin Burn srwilliams26 10/26/2014
Izzet Blitz srwilliams26 10/21/2014
Orzhov heroic srwilliams26 8/9/2014
Darksteel Engineer srwilliams26 7/24/2014
Mono Black Discard srwilliams26 7/20/2014
Golgari Devotion srwilliams26 7/18/2014
Thrun Voltron srwilliams26 6/13/2014
Undying srwilliams26 6/13/2014
Jarad Nuke srwilliams26 5/30/2014
Junk Constellation srwilliams26 5/24/2014
Devotion srwilliams26 5/24/2014
Satyr Ascension srwilliams26 5/24/2014
Izzet Burn srwilliams26 5/23/2014
Golgari Boneyard srwilliams26 3/12/2014
Budget bogle srwilliams26 3/6/2014
Minotaurs! srwilliams26 3/3/2014
Junk Witch srwilliams26 3/2/2014
Gruul Midrange srwilliams26 2/24/2014
Naya Bestow srwilliams26 2/17/2014
Bogbrew Bestow srwilliams26 2/17/2014
Newts srwilliams26 2/17/2014
Xenagos Ramp srwilliams26 2/10/2014
Junk Chants srwilliams26 2/10/2014
Boros Hero srwilliams26 10/11/2013
Naya Aggro srwilliams26 10/8/2013
Devoted to Blue srwilliams26 10/8/2013
Mono Black Midrange srwilliams26 10/8/2013
Magnivore Land Burn srwilliams26 10/5/2013
Izzet Spellheart srwilliams26 10/1/2013
G/B Whip Reanimate srwilliams26 9/29/2013
Token Death srwilliams26 9/28/2013
Foggy Clerics 2.0 srwilliams26 9/18/2013
Disruptive Minotaurs R/B srwilliams26 9/17/2013
Elf Reanimator srwilliams26 8/16/2013
Varolz dredge srwilliams26 8/15/2013
Werewolf Beatdown srwilliams26 8/12/2013
Jund Scavenge srwilliams26 6/1/2013
Foggy Clerics srwilliams26 5/31/2013

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