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W/G/R Cats

by justinputik

aggro aggro cat cat lifelink midrange life gain wgr
Format: Standard
Latest Set: Hour of Devastation
Last Modified On: 8/6/2017
Market Median Low
$157.38 $197.01 $92.86
Market Median Low




Average CMC: 2.5


CREATURES (2 Drop)-- **Metallic Mimic -> ideal first 2 drop. **Longtusk Cub -> strong 2 drop, that can get big mid game. **Adorned Pouncer -> agressive 2 drop, useful with midgame with Eternalize ability. || (3 Drop) -- **Pride Sovereign -> Big creature for a 3 drop. **Rhonas the Indomitable -> Agressive God. Finisher. (4 Drop) -- (None). (5 Drop) -- **Regal Caracal -> Mid game finisher..... DEFENSE SPELLS **Blossoming Defense. REMOVAL SPELLS **Magma Spray -> for annoying zombies. **Harnessed Lightning -> for flexible Energy consumption. Good for Longtusk Cub. ** Abrade -> Removal + Anti-artifact. **Cast Out -> for Planeswalker, and enemy finisher cards. LANDS Scavenger Grounds -> for any deck built aroung the graveyard (Zombie, Delirium, Cycling) Sideboard 4 Prowling Serpopard -> Anti control 2 Skywhaler (together with 3 Cast Out) -> Anti control for the Gearhulk -> Anti Big Creatures 2 Heroic Intervention (together with 4 Blossoming Defense) -> Anti sweeper / Control 1 By Force (together with 3 Abrade) -> Anti artifacts

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