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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Sharuum the Hegemon v2.0 GFireflyE 2/22/2011
Elves EDH (in progress) Hostilepinata 2/22/2011
Rafiq Proliferate v2.0 bfellow 2/22/2011
maga for the win vensers sliver 2/22/2011
Progenitus 5C kagayakutsuki 2/21/2011
lolMorph Cealest 2/21/2011
Bant EDH v2 Elijah121580 2/21/2011
General Nuisance(Squee) Dexceleration 2/21/2011
Arcum Asylum seanpatch88 2/21/2011
Jhoira of the Ghuti Edh magicplayer29 2/21/2011
Bant EDH Elijah121580 2/21/2011
Horde of Notions philB 2/21/2011
Wort, The Raidmother Agamemnon 2/21/2011
Purification JaMoose 2/20/2011
Overlord sfz3jjho 2/20/2011
The Hunter RoughThunder 2/19/2011
DA_Commander/EDH Darkavatar 2/18/2011
Legendary-Captain Sisay spectreman17 2/18/2011
Karn llan2193 2/18/2011
Kemba, Kha Regent EDH Sagemaster 2/17/2011
Rhys the Token Maker EDH Enforcer 2/17/2011
Korona, Group Hug EDH jace19 2/16/2011
teysa edh (advice?) 6angels 2/16/2011
Fun Highlander Froschritter 2/16/2011
Ezuri 2.6 Strider 2/16/2011
zur edh multiplayer lock phkd 2/16/2011
Razia, Boros Archangel ED firestorm4056 2/15/2011
Ezuri jdacheifs0 2/15/2011
Scion of the Ur-Dragon DXMachina 2/15/2011
Rhys the Token God [EDH] Etwas 2/14/2011
Geth, Lord of your Yard rembrajn 2/14/2011
Glissa Infect bfellow 2/13/2011
Ulasht edh! owen! 2/13/2011
Hazezon EDH Isvan 2/12/2011
[EDH] RIth, The Awakener mdmcclos 2/12/2011
Sygg, Merfolk wukev 2/11/2011
Dream Infiltrator Zallki 2/9/2011
Sliver Overlord EDH slipknot20085 2/8/2011
wort zanza352 2/8/2011
BantEDH2.0 rayhorn111 2/7/2011
Azorius Lockdown Acquistapace 2/7/2011
Ib EDH Ice Rapture 2/6/2011
Moar Ghosts n' Stuff The Kidd 2/5/2011
Nicol Bolas EDH Isvan 2/5/2011
Glissa the Traitor INFECT LilMunchlax 2/5/2011
Rubina b4k3d 2/4/2011
Xira b4k3d 2/4/2011
Hanna EDH Disanthrophobi 2/3/2011
(Moar) Ghosts n' Stuff The Kidd 2/3/2011
Sharuum Artifacts pwnage 2/3/2011

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