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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Naya Revolt Zoo Joshua J Miller 6/25/2017
W/B Tokens Benjamin R Dienes 6/25/2017
American Edwin_MTG 6/25/2017
Lo-AmP oX Madhava 6/25/2017
Valakut Through the Breach FeralKing18 6/24/2017
G/B Elves FeralKing18 6/24/2017
Blue White Spirit Deck Divar1 6/24/2017
Farlotus ConsolasBecketts 6/24/2017
Consuming Vigilance Tortoise Power 6/24/2017
Jeskai Extra Turns ConsolasBecketts 6/24/2017
GB fight club Forster 6/24/2017
Dimir Cipher Mill analthunder 6/24/2017
Black/Red/green aggro Jilkouras 6/24/2017
Aethersoul Sisters Tortoise Power 6/24/2017
White green Tokens Divar1 6/24/2017
Krark-Clan Burn Sporter 6/24/2017
WW Modern Sporter 6/24/2017
KCI Sporter 6/24/2017
esper goryo Rieski 6/24/2017
Counters CoCo Everodd22 6/23/2017
budget merfolk WalkerWhite 6/23/2017
Red/White Humans Divar1 6/23/2017
CLIQUE:VENGEANCE shiwei87RonTan 6/23/2017
Mill Heaven Divar1 6/23/2017
Zombies Divar1 6/23/2017
B/U control Ohov4556 6/23/2017
U/W Gideon Control Demotrix 6/23/2017
Titan Shift Matt Rob 6/23/2017
Madness BuRn Sporter 6/23/2017
Grand Architect Midrange Xaanto 6/23/2017
Grand Architect Aggro Xaanto 6/23/2017
Green white tribal cats Kprat420 6/23/2017
Esper Spirits Orangeman3 6/23/2017
Hapatra -1/-1 Modern Portwood 6/22/2017
Mardu Control numerounopapa 6/22/2017
u/b taking turns Jimmy 6/22/2017
The Rock (G/B Midrange) aleale1981 6/22/2017
Vampires Redfield Lol 6/22/2017
Assault Formation Sporter 6/22/2017
U/R Turns Tommyriddles 6/22/2017
Smile at Death Redfield Lol 6/22/2017
Zur-an Mustache Jimmy 6/22/2017
Eldrazi Tron Test B_Easy 6/21/2017
black control mystery526 6/21/2017
Burn xriegle 6/21/2017
Monowhite Enchantments Way-Groovy 6/21/2017
great quilly beast mystery526 6/21/2017
Valiant protector Jilkouras 6/21/2017
Four-Color Company Gainsay MTGO Competitive Modern League: 6/19-6/25 6/21/2017
Eldrazi Tron bgg88 MTGO Competitive Modern League: 6/19-6/25 6/21/2017

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