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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Mono blue eldrazi Noah Westman 7/28/2017
Mono-Black Zombies Brian Braun-Duin 7/28/2017
Mono U Mill xThuganomicsx 7/28/2017
U/R Control Julian Naiken 7/28/2017
Mono Red Eldrazi Mr.Kim 7/28/2017
BR Control HoD GoodGuyDad 7/27/2017
UW Gift GreatBoomer 7/27/2017
R/B Aggro SBMTG_Dev 7/27/2017
BR tokens Justin Tierney 7/27/2017
mono white weenie life gain TheGuyWhpDoes12 7/27/2017
Mono Red Rocoman 7/27/2017
Mono red budget stan Venemancer 7/27/2017
UR Prowess Vashen 7/27/2017
UB Cycling Gift Vashen 7/27/2017
Mono Red Aggro Vashen 7/27/2017
Mono Black Aggro Vashen 7/27/2017
Zombi3s!! SorenStryder 7/27/2017
B/R Midrange P_Lowkey 7/27/2017
God-Pharaoh's Colossus draconicBlue 7/27/2017
Mardu Vehicles maxxattack MTGO Competitive Standard League: 7/24-7/30 7/27/2017
Mono-Red Low Shadow MTGO Competitive Standard League: 7/24-7/30 7/27/2017
BG Energy PeterLawrenceIngram MTGO Competitive Standard League: 7/24-7/30 7/27/2017
Mardu Aggro Snuck MTGO Competitive Standard League: 7/24-7/30 7/27/2017
Mono-Red xNoimnotx MTGO Competitive Standard League: 7/24-7/30 7/27/2017
Fraying Sanity HoD Standard Superjames 7/27/2017
Jeskai Control Scythe 7/27/2017
four color control Scythe 7/27/2017
budget exert SimonSkolar 7/26/2017
Egyptian beat down Trial // Tribulations 7/26/2017
Cat Tribal Paxxyagent 7/26/2017
Naya Exert Testerfox 7/26/2017
Rw Aggro Trial // Tribulations 7/26/2017
Mono Red Aggro Scythe 7/26/2017
Humans and Angels Crich 7/26/2017
Mono Red Aggro greatyellowpie 7/26/2017
Eternal Esper TheDarklingGlory 7/25/2017
U/W Fraying Sanity Dhoard1320 7/25/2017
Four Colors Eternalized Ol' Man 7/25/2017
WHITE-BLUE MONUMENT wolfclaw27 7/25/2017
BG Energy Sporter 7/25/2017
Hapatra, Coming at chea playmtg 7/25/2017
Grixis Control Lutionblack 7/25/2017
Red Deck Wins Scythe 7/25/2017
Red Burn Budget Scythe 7/25/2017
UB Zombie The Talented Mr Griggs 7/24/2017
U/W God-Pharaoh's Gift TheManaSource 7/24/2017
UB cyclers Prigel 7/24/2017
4-Color Hapatra SBMTG_Dev 7/24/2017
U/B Eldrazi Ingest (needs help) (recommendations?) Crich 7/24/2017
UR Cast InCaster 7/24/2017

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