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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Four-Color CopyCat Seth Manfield 1/18/2017
Aggro CopyCat Seth Manfield 1/18/2017
Jeskai CopyCat Control Seth Manfield 1/18/2017
Improvise BouShea8205 1/18/2017
BG Counters mtgjared2 1/18/2017
Mardu Tokens rennan 1/18/2017
Justin benevolent101 1/17/2017
Marvel Copy Cat Sad Panda 187 1/17/2017
Jeskai Saheeli - Brad Nelson Gattaca 1/17/2017
Jeskai Control Saheeli Gattaca 1/17/2017
Paradox Elfgine Rickrolle 1/17/2017
copy-cat Bobby Williams 1/17/2017
Green White Greg Martin 1/17/2017
GW Oath of Ajani Petoskey 1/17/2017
Thopter Madness Mystic snake 1/17/2017
Armorcraft Judge Elves Petoskey 1/17/2017
UW Panharmonicon Steve Moss 1/17/2017
Jeskai Saheeli Gattaca 1/17/2017
UW Flash Gattaca 1/17/2017
Jund Aggro Gattaca 1/17/2017
RW Humans Wintermute 1/17/2017
Budget Life Gain Abzan RageofTitans 1/17/2017
yes aergawrgwe562456 1/17/2017
Mono Blue Bounce Hdn 1/17/2017
Mono Blue Bounce Hdn 1/17/2017
RW Stone Haven Sram Petoskey 1/17/2017
R/W Dwarf Vehicles crosstiger23 1/16/2017
Gruul ENERGY BouShea8205 1/16/2017
Death and Taxes BouShea8205 1/16/2017
GW Human BouShea8205 1/16/2017
Saheeli Twin Control 1.0 GameNinjazSchlabbes 1/16/2017
Revolt iR8Roont 1/16/2017
Mono-White Angels Dice125 1/16/2017
Temur Energy Aggro Sporter 1/16/2017
GR Pirate Revolt Lapsy143 1/16/2017
Out for blood Demon 1/16/2017
U/B Control Demon 1/16/2017
jeskai combos combo god 1/16/2017
R/G beat artifact Demon 1/16/2017
U/R spell Demon 1/16/2017
Bant MechProd - Clues Leafal 1/16/2017
SBM U/R Improvise bonefromthevoid 1/16/2017
UG Colossal Combo Booshka 1/16/2017
BW Angels NazarioBr 1/16/2017
Esper Planeswalker NazarioBr 1/16/2017
GW Humans RageofTitans 1/16/2017
B/U Graveyard PewterMule 1/16/2017
Vehicles Oridan 1/16/2017
Big Green Aggro Lichbane 1/15/2017
UB aggro/control artifacts Booshka 1/15/2017

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