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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Eric Hawkin's 4 Color Rite Dhoard1320 12/4/2016
Control Donniesaur 12/3/2016
Control Donniesaur 12/3/2016
green white kdog79 12/3/2016
B/G Delirium the3rdH0kage 12/3/2016
TermoDenavolt for poor Arc4aik 12/3/2016
Deck Standard Grixis Emerge 1.0 digrouz 12/3/2016
RG Aggro Sporter 12/2/2016
W/G Humans sg51 12/2/2016
RG Sporter 12/2/2016
Mardu Vehicles angrychicken11 12/2/2016
Corpora's Showdown Deck Jon Corpora 12/2/2016
Gomez's Showdown Deck Ryan Gomez 12/2/2016
U/R Dyna Visions GoodGuyDad 12/2/2016
WR Equipment DexControl 12/2/2016
Bant Aggro jthorn9 12/2/2016
Green-White Humans Craig Wescoe 12/2/2016
5 JagKillaNick 12/2/2016
Death and Taxes (Standard Remaster) Canzi 12/1/2016
BLUE CONTROL XSlayer2009 12/1/2016
Mono-Red Energy Sporter 12/1/2016
r/g hyper artifact TheGuyWhoDoes 12/1/2016
B/G Marvel The_Gunslingers 12/1/2016
Red-Green Aetherworks Seth Manfield 12/1/2016
Black-Green Delirium mcatebr 12/1/2016
Black-Green Delirium (With Copter) Silenttrigger 12/1/2016
Black-Green Delirium FinchleyCentral 12/1/2016
Aetherworks Marvel Jaberwocki 12/1/2016
UW Flash Tri11pod 12/1/2016
Mono G Energy Sporter 11/30/2016
Esper Control SilentSkull 11/30/2016
Mono-Black Eldrazi Conley Woods 11/30/2016
Jeskai Control Seth Manfield 11/30/2016
mardu guara Glaciuz 11/30/2016
G/U Energy shazzboot 11/30/2016
Chandra Ima Winner Ol' Man 11/30/2016
Death and Taxes joraaada0 11/29/2016
UR Fevered visions Emryst Starlord 11/29/2016
Dark Conclave-mid range aggro Oyeater 11/29/2016
Junk Aristocrats Will Jonathan 11/29/2016
Jeskai Control FlumeToSplume 11/28/2016
G/W TOKENS sg51 11/28/2016
4 Color Cruel Control Iffy 11/28/2016
R/W Equipments rottencav 11/28/2016
Mono Red Aggro rottencav 11/28/2016
Aether Wallop (Red Green Energy) MTG_YoungMage 11/27/2016
Rise from the Tides Trial // Tribulations 11/26/2016
R/B Aggro Mig 11/26/2016
Green White Human's Greg Martin 11/26/2016
LegenVD Vampires V2 SpaceIndaver 11/26/2016

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