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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Merfolks iNCuBuS 6/13/2016
5-Color Humans Baldwin 6/13/2016
White Eldrazi Baldwin 6/13/2016
Hatebears d3@th 6/13/2016
Humans d3@th 6/11/2016
Necro_Dev sir coleridge 6/9/2016
Check videogamer99 6/7/2016
master transmuter IAMABYSS 6/5/2016
Kitchen Necro Spaceman_Splif 6/5/2016
Pauper Chimera ShardFenix 6/2/2016
pauper beasts ShardFenix 6/2/2016
Black Pauper Moss 5/31/2016
hellkite tyrant IAMABYSS 5/31/2016
Death and Taxes (Vintage) Heavens Knight 5/28/2016
Sell stuff kohan2112 5/27/2016
Infinite Burn Volusto 5/26/2016
Revised cheetahfurry 5/26/2016
ugly uncommons Madd 5/25/2016
white is right? Madd 5/25/2016
Delver Pauper blueballs 5/25/2016
blue for you Madd 5/23/2016
black is the new black Madd 5/23/2016
B/W recycle Pumperknicle 5/23/2016
red just red Madd 5/23/2016
green gentleman Madd 5/23/2016
men it is multicolored Madd 5/23/2016
artifact jack Madd 5/23/2016
lands lads Madd 5/23/2016
Griselbrand IAMABYSS 5/22/2016
collection Madd 5/22/2016
Shadowborn Balthor videogamer99 5/20/2016
comprar Unnknow 5/19/2016
Quit Smoking szrap 5/19/2016
buy FrankDTank16 5/17/2016
Anthony's Mimeoplasm Copy WriterofWrong 5/16/2016
Matt's Aggro Kaalia WriterofWrong 5/16/2016
Pat's Scion Super Stars WriterofWrong 5/16/2016
Boros DragonMaster09 5/15/2016
Old_Fogey brannigans1aw 5/15/2016
Trade jeaston15 5/14/2016
1-Drop Pauper Xyx 5/9/2016
RG flameshadow blueballs 5/7/2016
Budget Crushing Xyx 5/6/2016
Advanced Crushing Xyx 5/6/2016
POWERLESS RW Hatebears JAmes72899 5/4/2016
Shops Drifterakv 5/3/2016
Artifact RAMP Nunari 5/2/2016
Old School GB LD hegemonForte 4/28/2016
Old School Green Mill hegemonForte 4/28/2016
Burn hegemonForte 4/28/2016

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