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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Best of the Best - Spooky CEDH Cards Playing With Power MTG 10/27/2020
Muldrotha Budget Guiballa 10/27/2020
Live Stream 10/24/2020 - Edgar Markov Playing With Power MTG 10/24/2020
Vex’s The Queen and Her Knights VEX MTG 10/24/2020
Vex's Who Let the Demons Out VEX MTG 10/23/2020
S06E08 - Marrow-Gnawer Playing With Power MTG 10/23/2020
S06E08 - Karador Playing With Power MTG 10/23/2020
S06E08 - Kess Playing With Power MTG 10/23/2020
S06E08 - Edgar Markov Playing With Power MTG 10/23/2020
Up & Running - Blood Pod (Tymna/Tana) Playing With Power MTG 10/22/2020
Vex's Big Baddie #1 Unchained VEX MTG 10/22/2020
Anje Falkenrath John Freak 10/22/2020
Chris's Gonti, Lord of Luxury EDH Deck ChainofCommander 10/20/2020
Olivia's Spooky Deck (Zombies) Common Command 10/19/2020
S06E07 - Anje Playing With Power MTG 10/15/2020
Chainer, Nightmare Adept EDH Booster Therapy 10/14/2020
Kaalia, Zenith Seeker The Kearns 10/11/2020
Muldrotha, the Gravetide Blackadar 10/11/2020
Live Stream 10/10/2020 - Tymna/Thrasios Playing With Power MTG 10/10/2020
S06E06 - Korvold Playing With Power MTG 10/8/2020
rakdos, lord of monsters TheGuyWhpDoes12 10/8/2020
Nightmare Reanimation - October Special Common Command 10/7/2020
Vilis abramowitzmark 9/30/2020
S06E05 - Anafenza Playing With Power MTG 9/29/2020
Live Stream 9/26/2020 - Kess Playing With Power MTG 9/26/2020
Threnody for the Victims of Dementia Josh Nelson 9/25/2020
"Zombie" Angels Blade Waltz 9/25/2020
Kroxa Casually Competitive 9/24/2020
Monies Zeketec 9/23/2020
Nicol Bolas Wills Deck 9/21/2020
Scion of the Ur Dragon - Most Consistent Sulphrem 9/21/2020
Budget The Mimeoplasm cEDH Casually Competitive 9/20/2020
Budget cEDH Grenzo Doomsday Casually Competitive 9/17/2020
Hapatra djpattiecake 9/14/2020
S06E04 - Tymna/Ikra Playing With Power MTG 9/13/2020
S06E04 - K'rrik Playing With Power MTG 9/13/2020
S06E03 - Anje Playing With Power MTG 9/9/2020
Ishkanah cEDH Casually Competitive 9/6/2020
Yargle Casually Competitive 9/4/2020
Hapatra Casually Competitive 9/4/2020
Kaalia Wagon 9/3/2020
kaalia 4 Wagon 9/3/2020
Kaalia 3.0 Wagon 9/3/2020
RnRG 2.0 beachamsandwich 9/3/2020
The Dark Carnival RedWitchGriffon 9/2/2020
Muldrotha Jaune 9/1/2020
Flashback Valuetown Pavel Shpagin 8/28/2020
Casual-ish Commander Meren of Clan Noth JohnnyHeadgear 8/28/2020
S06E02 - Tymna / Tana Playing With Power MTG 8/27/2020
Taigam, Sidisi's Hand h1tt 8/25/2020
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