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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Abzan Hatebears Crimson 11/20/2017
esper token despreocuperro 11/20/2017
4 Color Energy Aggro Tempestxpr 11/20/2017
Sultai Control Sad Panda 187 11/20/2017
Budget Mono-Green Ramp SBMTG_Dev 11/20/2017
temur riddles reeshard 11/19/2017
Red, White & Green Dinos hurley71 11/19/2017
U/W Procession Lofte 11/19/2017
G/R Pummler #G1bby# 11/19/2017
Budget White Blue Monument rodwr3 11/19/2017
B/W Token Vampires Lumowolf 11/19/2017
4-Color Energy Sad Panda 187 11/19/2017
Nayasaur anathema43 11/19/2017
Catnip ChaosAftermath 11/19/2017
Dark Temur Sad Panda 187 11/19/2017
Aether Jund Hiroamagoshi 11/19/2017
Modified Munitions RB Warden Of Geometry 11/19/2017
mardu 2.0 despreocuperro 11/18/2017
3 Tammer51 11/18/2017
2 Tammer51 11/18/2017
U/G Pummeler SirMize22 11/18/2017
Dino GWR Saddlebags 11/18/2017
Orzhov Vampires Ben Pratt 11/18/2017
WU CONTROL Saddlebags 11/18/2017
Entomology Filigree Fox 11/18/2017
Pro tour mono-white vampires RobEmkay 11/18/2017
Deeproot Tempo OvenOfOblivion 11/18/2017
UB Control/Theft Memnarch 11/18/2017
RGW Dinoz Skuzznuggit 11/18/2017
Mill 'Em Airtron 11/18/2017
U/W Arcane Sphinx SBMTG_Dev 11/17/2017
total mtg MICH 11/17/2017
total mtg MICH 11/17/2017
GW Approach sg51 11/17/2017
B/W Vampire Token + Life Drain yola87 11/17/2017
ITS PIA BABY!!!! Donniesaur 11/17/2017
gonti's revolt reeshard 11/17/2017
White-Blue Monument Brian Braun-Duin 11/17/2017
Mono-Black Aggro Seth Manfield 11/17/2017
Mardu Reckoning Seth Manfield 11/17/2017
Sultai Control Seth Manfield 11/17/2017
Mardu Humans (Standard) Craig Wescoe 11/17/2017
My Dino Deck SuperNeckRed 11/17/2017
r/g jackals Millon 11/17/2017
Reid Duke's Green White dinos Ben Pratt 11/16/2017
Reid Duke's Green White dinos Ben Pratt 11/16/2017
White Black Vampires Divine Lightning 11/16/2017
Mono-Blue Kefnet Control DudeEgg420 11/16/2017
W/U GPG SBEnergy 11/16/2017
Naya Dinosaurs (Budget) Slegghorn 11/16/2017
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