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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Mono Black Zombies JameClumper 9/12/2018
Ghave, Guru of Spores Ninjaville 8/9/2018
marchesa the black rose fefe 7/24/2018
Spooky Scary Skel-o-Tons Everodd22 7/21/2018
Four-Dollar Allies Monero 7/8/2018
B/W Aristocrats EnglishSystem 7/4/2018
Many cards RustyBanana5 6/29/2018
Sacrifice Deck AlexDumez04 6/16/2018
There's fungus among us Fatty 5/7/2018
Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons #2 Big Red1134 5/4/2018
Liliana's Undying Children sEnIoR-dOuChEbAg 4/5/2018
Mono Black Zombies SithDragon33 4/4/2018
Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons Big Red1134 4/4/2018
Blue Black Zombies Modern Krath 3/31/2018
control pdh awesome guy 3/8/2018
Rats SithDragon33 3/1/2018
Zombies Modern SithDragon33 2/26/2018
Goyf Modern SithDragon33 2/26/2018
Orzhov Pauper Lifegain EDH Hamroids 2/21/2018
Thopter combo SithDragon33 2/20/2018
Infect destroy alphakennybuddy 1/16/2018
Gisa Budget Nzxer 1/15/2018
Meren of Clan Nel Toth {EDH} SithDragon33 1/14/2018
Sac To Grow longtoedman 1/14/2018
Budget infect destroy alphakennybuddy 1/13/2018
Ravos and Reyhan Caine 12/31/2017
papuer that woulnt load into pauper so its in vintage for some reason Memnarch 12/23/2017
Sacrifice Memnarch 12/20/2017
Serial Killers Archbee 12/14/2017
Mono Black Zombies SithDragon33 12/10/2017
dream tymaret edh TheGuyWhpDoes12 11/19/2017
Edgar Markov Aggro SgtBeans 9/21/2017
Meren Commander tgsc208 9/11/2017
jund tokens aibag123 8/10/2017
Mono Black Zombie SithDragon33 8/3/2017
five color eldrazi edh ScionSpawner 8/2/2017
Pipe Piper magg28 8/1/2017
W/B Sacrifice Horse greatyellowpie 8/1/2017
BW Aristocrats Voidragon 7/6/2017
Pauper Cube (6 Player) aidenpk 6/28/2017
Aristocats Donniesaur 6/28/2017
Golgari Aristocrats Hunter Shackleford 6/26/2017
red kick slim 6/18/2017
Thraximundar's Zombie Party WolfWar 6/8/2017
U/B sac zombies mikehk 6/8/2017
Pauper cube 1.0 720 card Blaaaarrrrg 6/1/2017
Peasant Cube BoomBoomStormCloud 5/30/2017
Erebos LHSpud22 5/23/2017
Erebos LHSpud22 5/23/2017
Corpse Explosion Yarsiemanym 5/22/2017

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