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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Meren, Friend of Death BlazeDC 5/21/2019
Missing cards Hemlock 5/19/2019
Etrata EDH Hemlock 5/16/2019
Ninja Tribal Sqwillos 5/11/2019
Nicol Bolas V9 adomfritz 5/9/2019
Zurgo Mokkah 4/25/2019
Chromium, Boardwipe Bane (EDH) SithDragon33 4/22/2019
Scarab God Mill/Reanimator EDH MisterTumnis 4/18/2019
Thraximundar $20 Budget Spumanti1985 4/16/2019
Lord of Tresserhorn EDH Loremaster 4/8/2019
Drana *cough* Totally Original *cough* Bisquick 4/4/2019
Neskusar EDH Revamp Sean C 4/3/2019
Rakdos Punisher Asiris 3/30/2019
inalla tribal nebechednez 3/28/2019
Legendary Tribal krak_is_bad 3/28/2019
Balthor the Defiled Eninem 3/27/2019
"Jodah and the Legendaries" PoisonRain13 3/26/2019
etrata BlueAntix 3/25/2019
Iname Spirits EDH Laserschwert Ninjastern 3/20/2019
Ninja Blade Waltz 3/20/2019
Yahenni the undying Pain Asols 3/16/2019
I don't need it Jim the shark 3/14/2019
Lord of Riots Eldrazi Tribal Syrus 3/13/2019
Skullbriar bossingtonhuggermugger 3/11/2019
$30 Singleton tommygod3 3/10/2019
$30 Singleton tommygod3 3/10/2019
Prossh Aristocraft Mid power? Vince 3/10/2019
Judith extended Mug 3/1/2019
idunno Garbo 3/1/2019
Bekah, Lord of Raging | Demon/Eldrazzi Hybrid TheMarkestMark 2/27/2019
Rakdos the Showstopper Demon Control JumboCommander 2/27/2019
GB Gitmog pauper card list 2/24/2019
innala wizards nebechednez 2/23/2019
innala wizards nebechednez 2/23/2019
Kess’ wheels Big Red1134 2/22/2019
Skithiryx Dan i Am 2/21/2019
Grenzo Commander Thebloodyhound 2/20/2019
Mogis Tron Mogis 2/16/2019
Dare. But don’t draw. Atoeofacamel 2/8/2019
rats shelby 2/7/2019
Mono Black Demon Tribal Lilac Feydrin 2/7/2019
Thrasios and vial smasher lands matter Nico85 2/6/2019
Thrasios and vial smasher lands matter Nico85 2/5/2019
Thrasios and vial smasher lands matter Nico85 2/5/2019
Thrasios and vial smasher lands matter Nico85 2/5/2019
gonti3 ElifThaed 2/5/2019
gonti2 ElifThaed 2/5/2019
gonti five fingers ElifThaed 2/5/2019
Inalla ConjugalWalrus 2/4/2019
Mikaues edh Nico85 1/28/2019

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