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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts xelthun 8/3/2013
artifact/ eldrazi edh Purgitory 7/31/2013
Scion of the Ur-Dragon rodolfo87k 7/31/2013
asd mphollid 7/30/2013
My cube WIP - brown deckstorage3 7/26/2013
PhD Controll ub3rpenguin 7/25/2013
Lazy Peon Brion Stoutarm Lopon 7/21/2013
Reaper Destruction Prince Rozetta 7/12/2013
Norin the Commander gravesville 7/9/2013
Sen Triplets EDH Adrionus 7/7/2013
Geth Artificer CommissarKharn 7/6/2013
Tariel: Rend Asunder ThinkOriginal 7/2/2013
GodooNooo! EricTMoses 6/30/2013
Rosheen Jank rpsportscards 6/29/2013
Mimeoplasm Midrange Prince Rozetta 6/20/2013
Rhys Tokens ghanlebeau 6/18/2013
Uril, The Miststalker inchy97 6/8/2013
Talrand Invisible Man 6/4/2013
budget slobad o4NDYo 5/28/2013
Phelddagrif ajs423 5/26/2013
Gisela Bear Hug EDH UglyHobo 5/22/2013
Riku of Two Reflections sk8erbob 5/12/2013
Professor Chaos Smolderingwrec 5/10/2013
BW Life miyuki 5/8/2013
URIL EDH inchy97 5/4/2013
Uril, The Mistalker inchy97 5/1/2013
Uril inchy97 5/1/2013
Urabrask V2 TheHazzaRd 4/29/2013
Kazuul, Tyrant of Snows Nightass 4/26/2013
Hivis Polizei 4/24/2013
Zo-Zu the Punisher DfectivProduct 4/23/2013
Koth ritych 4/21/2013
Borborbolts Urza777 4/19/2013
NORIN Landstar 4/9/2013
BW Fun miyuki 4/7/2013
Stoutarm EDH rball1101 4/3/2013
Drana CommissarKharn 4/3/2013
Swamp slim2001 4/2/2013
Blue Creature EDH aeagleso 3/31/2013
Norin Markov Bonusdonut 3/23/2013
marrow-gnawer edh meman666 3/10/2013
Land Assault trace666 3/8/2013
Dragon Tawnos 2/28/2013
Zedruu Acustar 2/27/2013
price check gormesh 2/25/2013
Paton of the Moon Rhastapasta 2/25/2013
Patron of the Moon Budget Rhastapasta 2/24/2013
Mono Black Joblaska 2/21/2013
Rats, Rats, Rats jaceTBU 2/18/2013
EDH U/W/R Wozcause 2/17/2013

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