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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
OG Athreos Commander McNuggetz 4/13/2021
OG Heliod Commander McNuggetz 4/13/2021
Stoutarm EDH beachamsandwich 4/10/2021
Isamaru captpike99 4/10/2021
Uril Beatface Colin C. 4/7/2021
Graverobbing and Killing, Good Christian Activities Hagaschi Miyagi 4/5/2021
Daxos of Meletis Commander Orion5907 3/28/2021
enchanments 1 Tuvasa the sunlit 3/27/2021
Vex's Counting to 21 VEX MTG 3/24/2021
collectiondeck deckcollector 3/13/2021
Teysa Karlov themanadorksmtg 3/8/2021
S08E02 - Heliod Playing With Power MTG 2/26/2021
S07E13 - Grand Arbiter Playing With Power MTG 2/15/2021
Vex's Tax Collector VEX MTG 2/8/2021
Vex's Soul of Voltron VEX MTG 2/8/2021
Vex's Mystic Swap Master VEX MTG 2/8/2021
White Angel MightyGauntlet2 2/6/2021
S07E12 - Akroma/Keleth Playing With Power MTG 2/4/2021
S07E08 - Grand Arbiter Playing With Power MTG 1/18/2021
Balan Voltron Blissful Beluga 1/16/2021
S07E07 - Ardenn/Rebbec Playing With Power MTG 1/12/2021
Understanding Mana Base Example Ashbash155 1/5/2021
Angels marshs211 12/26/2020
Kwain Mango Mash Ep 1 Ashbash155 12/24/2020
Negan EDH Booster Therapy 12/19/2020
Kemba Kellonor 12/17/2020
Kaalia Wishlist Karny 12/15/2020
Decky for Gecky Lis 12/13/2020
Price Check SJJ96 12/8/2020
Ephara, God of the Polis In Response_EDH 12/3/2020
Ardenn Rograkh Commander Dang_Gum 12/1/2020
oloro life gain FrostyPlague 11/28/2020
Commander Tune-Ups: Tomik Barren Glory (#51) Nitpicking Nerds 11/23/2020
Bant Enchantments Commander Sus 11/15/2020
oloro gil 11/11/2020
EDH collect Armenites 11/11/2020
kambal lifegain tiddus234 11/7/2020
Nevinyrral, Urborg Tyrant Joube 11/5/2020
Mardu Equipment Anxo 10/30/2020
Hazezon Lands EDH Mahatma29 10/27/2020
Tajic EDH _S Armenites 10/27/2020
Vex's Hook, Line, and Sinker VEX MTG 10/24/2020
Alek's Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper The Commander's Quarters 10/19/2020
Yennet EDH Deck Booster Therapy 9/30/2020
Aurelia Equipment V.2 Sean Petersen 9/26/2020
"Zombie" Angels Blade Waltz 9/25/2020
Mono-White Angelic Build Thehookup 9/21/2020
The Top 10 EDH from THE LIST Ashbash155 9/17/2020
White eldrazi Shadowsneak999 9/14/2020
Lavinia Control Exiled 9/13/2020

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