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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Quillspike Jund nanodragon07 4/25/2010
Electropotential zack1bt 4/23/2010
Tokens for Dinner Dmfdias 4/16/2010
RB Husk ChameleonC 4/5/2010
EDH Beasts (Help) Code-G 3/26/2010
The Persecutions of Timmy Jurri0017 3/23/2010
U/G/R Aggro Chipsinabox 3/21/2010
Kadrok's 5-colour Allies Kadrok 3/14/2010
Grixis fun (comment plz) Virlym 3/13/2010
UR countryside Memory deckcreator607 2/28/2010
Manaplasm is Cool I Swear billy 2/27/2010
R/G Devour navyseal 2/27/2010
Artifact Affinity Monster Doom 2/27/2010
All Land No Removal kevdogg 2/27/2010
Dragons powerslave1724 2/24/2010
Quillspike-Mayael-Felidar y4r5xeym5 2/23/2010
Omnath Boom duelist2 2/23/2010
Affinity Aggro jordman 2/22/2010
bant-i hate this deck Thoth-Amon 2/17/2010
Master of Nauseam elmattyx 2/17/2010
Naya Beatdown ScorpioRage 2/13/2010
Naya Beast re8ks 2/12/2010
Affinity Mike Vance 2010 San Juan PTQ: Toronto 2nd 2/4/2010
Artifact Glaze- NEEDSHELP The Judgement 2/1/2010
Hunt of the Reliquary elmattyx 1/31/2010
Casual Landfall minion_of_gleemax 1/27/2010
Warrior furry lucasguardian 1/27/2010
Intet, the Dreamer EDH acebustr 1/27/2010
Brion EDH acebustr 1/24/2010
Affinity warlockadnv5 1/23/2010
SCOOT MOB Sab 1/22/2010
Bloodbraid Zoo dannite 1/17/2010
RedWhite Green davidlopez11 1/17/2010
Affinity Joseph Greer 2010 San Juan PTQ: Atlanta 3rd-4th 1/14/2010
naya burnout v2 ogre dance 1/11/2010
Affinity James Beltz 2010 San Juan PTQ: Minnesota - 1/2 3rd-4th 1/7/2010
Glaze' fire elmattyx 1/6/2010
Elemental B/R Tiburon 1/5/2010
Naya Fire Atreus42 1/5/2010
Jund Devour DJ_Marvel 1/2/2010
Brion Stoutarm edh ithing2i 12/20/2009
Dragons Aggro TheMan13 12/6/2009
Affinity MichaelMCM131 12/3/2009
Hell Fire lawrenceyu 12/2/2009
4c ziggy Danny2Qik4u 11/29/2009
Marisi's Sledge andre.corbin 11/28/2009
Burning Dead maquimus 11/28/2009
Jundstigation andre.corbin 11/28/2009
Megrim NOM NOM NOM Sab 11/22/2009
Black Red Toaster maquimus 11/16/2009

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