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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Budget Niv-Mizzet EDH WiredWeasel 10/8/2012
Draw Spiral test andre.corbin 10/6/2012
Dracogenius' Omniscience kilroyisjace 10/6/2012
Spelltwine R4V4G3R 10/3/2012
The Stack megasqid 10/3/2012
Blue Stack megasqid 9/26/2012
Izzet i win tonyoggero 9/22/2012
UR Drake Tokens Toxic Rayne 9/18/2012
Blue/Red Assface Vizability 9/17/2012
puppets stopher0014 9/14/2012
Linessa, Zephyr Mage EDH asd07c 9/14/2012
[Touch of Nin] OmegaLegacy 9/3/2012
Omniscienc EM Gee Chris Donahoe 8/26/2012
UR EDH roger25 8/25/2012
worldfire mrdoggett 8/23/2012
UR Recasting TheUndeadLynx 8/21/2012
Worldfires playable??? Arch-Titan 8/20/2012
3-0 Door to Nothingness D jepstein 8/18/2012
Merieke Ri Berit braydensantavy 8/18/2012
RUG Worldfire Combo Melissa DeTora 8/16/2012
Niv Mizzet Card Advantage Spellcaster 8/15/2012
JhoiraIzzetDeck(comments) Ephraim 8/14/2012
No More Secrets ub3rpenguin 8/11/2012
Maelstrom Chaos mysin666 8/11/2012
Riku Jakeal 8/9/2012
Gilded Grixis ItsToms 8/8/2012
Jhoira EDH zeran662 8/8/2012
Rare Collection Gcacul 8/8/2012
Talrand, Sky Summoner boneclub24 8/7/2012
Talrand EDH thegreatorange 8/6/2012
Talrand, Wind Drake jpperea2 7/30/2012
CCPTourney_2013Set mnichols13 7/30/2012
Wrexial Bernie_Lomax 7/29/2012
Grixis Spellfire KnowingCrow 7/28/2012
Sakashima Clone/Steal EDH andrew77jw 7/25/2012
Timmy Counter Mesmerizer101 7/23/2012
Mono Blue Tempo Mill Taus 7/22/2012
U/R/G Delver/Fog FuriousBigfoot 7/21/2012
Drakes EricW 7/17/2012
RUG Reflection Hazmatt21 6/30/2012
Edric McQ 5/5/2012
Blue battleturtle 4/8/2012
Me, too unpatient 3/10/2012
Augustin the Spiteful MrCrazy 1/18/2012
Thrax McQ 6/29/2011
mill deck vash2332 1/24/2011
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