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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Golgari nissa shadowed Tilt-a-whirl 11/30/2020
wUbRg-Dragons Everodd22 11/29/2020
Jund Food SBMTGDev 11/26/2020
Hans Eriksson EDH Booster Therapy 11/24/2020
Booster Tutor's Counter Kick EDH ChainofCommander 11/23/2020
Golgari Adventures SBMTGDev 11/23/2020
Temur Ramp SBMTGDev 11/23/2020
Mono Green Food SBMTGDev 11/23/2020
Gruul Adventures SBMTGDev 11/23/2020
Atla Sisay's BFF Little Tea 911 11/22/2020
Jurassic Park Betelguese90 11/19/2020
Kinnan Jota JotaHaya 11/19/2020
Mono-Green Planeswalkers Emmmzyne 11/18/2020
Mono-Green Planeswalkers Emmmzyne 11/18/2020
Gorgon's Touch of Death Betelguese90 11/18/2020
Mono Green Aggro TukkerXL 11/16/2020
Elementals MightyEd 11/14/2020
Mono-Green Agro MightyEd 11/14/2020
Animar Draegon 11/12/2020
Ashaya Dork Storm NickyBolas 11/10/2020
Korvold Lands pillsburydeadboy 11/5/2020
Vex's The X Factor VEX MTG 10/24/2020
Vex's Fatties Incoming VEX MTG 10/24/2020
Selesnya Adventure AliasV 10/23/2020
Golgari Adventures Henik 10/22/2020
Golgari Adventures Henik 10/22/2020
Modern: Simic Stompy FluffyWolf 10/20/2020
King of the Harvest, Reaper King EDH Deck ChainofCommander 10/19/2020
Golgari Midrange AliasV 10/16/2020
Maelstrom Mahatma29 10/12/2020
UG Broximus Prime 10/11/2020
Karador, Ghost Cheiftain Blackadar 10/11/2020
Mono-Green Aggro crokeyz 9/29/2020
Gruul Adventures Cora Stobie 9/29/2020
Grakmaw Wagon 9/28/2020
Death by Dino's Victory Screecher 9/27/2020
Dromoka +1/+1 DragonBoy0000 9/24/2020
Yorvo EDH Booster Therapy 9/24/2020
Omnath's Epic Struggle NickyBolas 9/22/2020
Mono-Green Stompy Adam Yurchick 9/16/2020
Mono-Green Stompy Mogged MTGO Standard Challenge - 09/12/2020 3rd-4th 9/16/2020
Mono-Green Stompy jankyb MTGO Standard Challenge - 09/13/2020 1st 9/16/2020
Kinnan Bonder Prodigy EDH noctax89 9/14/2020
dino-vision happy_guy19 9/13/2020
Mono-Green Beatdown THANESBANE 9/12/2020
Omnath Landfall reignbringer 9/12/2020
Hydra - Commander shogun 9/12/2020
Mono-Green Aggro Nick Prince 9/11/2020
Mono-green Aggro Nick Prince 9/10/2020
Mono-Green Aggro LucasG1ggs MTGO Standard Challenge - 09/06/2020 3rd-4th 9/9/2020
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