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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Urza, Lord High Artificer EDH DeGen 7/18/2020
Red Fish Gives You Wings Chase Carroll 5/8/2020
Urza f357 5/7/2020
Keruga + Kydele EDH Meryn 5/4/2020
Joy Whitewolf 4/29/2020
Cdh urza Tc Genius 3/24/2020
Dalakos, Crafter of Wonders EDH Meryn 3/9/2020
Urza Machines kagemaster007 3/1/2020
Rona Citadel combo SkepticalPenguin 2/27/2020
Animar Artifacts Dr.Jones 2/26/2020
Raff Bunnies 2/23/2020
Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain artifact storm former_spike 2/13/2020
Mystic Dagsson Seetur 2/7/2020
memenarch 2.0 TufRussian 2/7/2020
Urza Pinekernal 1/26/2020
[cEDH] Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain Bleargh! 11/26/2019
EmryFluxMachine. BlackMagicDragon 10/22/2019
Jhoria artifact storm Akaan 10/11/2019
Paul Blartifact TBeezy 10/5/2019
typical artifact deck Algonquin 10/5/2019
Vicious Little Toasters RinTinBrim 9/28/2019
Sai, Master Thopterist Artifact Combo | BATTLE OF THE BREWS Commander's Brew 9/27/2019
Masticore Architecture Sebanovich 9/20/2019
Death by Artifacts KiserSoze 9/17/2019
Jan's Mishra Stax Deck The Spike Feeders 9/17/2019
Urza, Lord High Artificer - cEDH RinTinBrim 8/22/2019
Rafiq of the Many Equipment Magician of Dark Chaos 8/6/2019
Perpetual Motion Adam Yurchick 8/6/2019
Urza EDH crettig 7/29/2019
Alex's 'Fair' Urza, Lord High Artificer Deck Affinity For Commander 7/15/2019
Memenarch TufRussian 6/9/2019
Tezzeret's Fury BuddyT 6/7/2019
Saheeli's Artifact Rage BuddyT 6/7/2019
Sen Triplets EDH Quartich 6/6/2019
Urza - Artifact EDH (a la Tolarian Community College) Dlo 6/4/2019
Artifacts, Artifacts everywhere. Victor Delacroix 6/2/2019
Prof Urza Nashbeez 6/2/2019
Urza - Artifact EDH (a la Tolarian Community College) wMaestro 6/1/2019
Tolarian Community College Urza EDH PhilyB1979 6/1/2019
Urza Combo-Stax-Friend-Ender JumboCommander 5/31/2019
Urza, Lord High Artificer Fair Version? JumboCommander 5/31/2019
Jhoira -budget Superawesomegoku 5/26/2019
Jhoira,Weatherlight Captain Superawesomegoku 5/26/2019
Animar , Soul of Elements Magyar 5/5/2019
Akiri, Equipment Slinger Walnut 5/4/2019
Sydri, Galvanic Genius - Commander Meur 4/21/2019
Thopter time Big Red1134 3/21/2019
Lord of Tresserhorn Mill Cinnamon 3/20/2019
Jhoira $100 Budget Commander Deck List BudgetCommander 3/9/2019
Artifacts (Jhoira) Magyar 1/3/2019
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