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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
+1/+1 Counters Frank The Tank 1/23/2019
Eldrazi Commander nbarrett1979 1/21/2019
Rakdos Deck Deputy Midnight 1/15/2019
Samut Voice of Dissent Armit 1/14/2019
The Scarab God 722Milk 1/12/2019
Sliver Commander Farleyman2 1/11/2019
Arcades, the Strategist ManiacalCupcake 1/4/2019
Krenko get bent 1/4/2019
Darkforest SGTgCA 1/3/2019
Team Krenko Deputy Midnight 12/30/2018
PvPArthur's Merieke Deck PvPArthur 12/26/2018
Squirrely Fury SweetJesus 12/24/2018
Omnath, Locus of Rage Ninjaville 12/16/2018
Scion of the Ur-Dragon EDH Quartich 12/12/2018
Scarab EDH Nico85 12/8/2018
Arcades Gio 11/19/2018
Jodah of arch MagicBeasty 11/18/2018
Zombies for Scottie 2.0 Maanya 11/14/2018
Brudicladinator Maanya 11/14/2018
Ulamog reborn hive :Red ,Black ,Blue ,Colorless Eldrazi Comander Pyromantic Reaper 11/6/2018
Sliver Hivelord - Commander DOAMyth 11/5/2018
Aminitou <$20 Delpheki1323123 10/31/2018
Sygg Control BShipp94 10/27/2018
Nicol Bolas V6 adomfritz 10/26/2018
Tuvasa Bantchants Tanner Cruse 10/20/2018
Memnarch the MyrMage The_Drizzle 10/18/2018
Zombie gw2250 10/18/2018
rd 2 tasigur Quarters mthwiz 10/17/2018
rd 2 Muldrotha Quarter mthwiz 10/17/2018
Freyalise EDH BigMck5 10/16/2018
Razaketh, Sacrifice EDH deck BigMck5 10/15/2018
Oloro Life Gain Shatkaka 10/10/2018
Zombie (Prototype) FlynHawaiian 10/10/2018
Ruhan Voltron {EDH} BeeckerJr 10/9/2018
tru rogue boi hours beans 10/5/2018
Animorphs (G/R/U) (CMD) JJC005 10/4/2018
Tuvasa Enchantress Nosferty 10/4/2018
Jund Lands V6 adomfritz 10/3/2018
Animar V3 adomfritz 10/3/2018
EDH Yargle, Glutton of Urborg SyngenMagic 10/3/2018
AJH Skullbriar VolpeC 10/2/2018
AJH Tasigur VolpeC 10/2/2018
AJH Teysa VolpeC 10/2/2018
AJH Brudiclad VolpeC 10/2/2018
Roon of the Hidden Realm Big Red1134 10/2/2018
Budget Najeela dre1210 10/2/2018
Budget Najeela dre1210 10/2/2018
Budget Najeela dre1210 10/1/2018
Omnath IrishKelp 10/1/2018
Arcadies Big Red1134 10/1/2018

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