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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Ghave commander Trevor42 9/13/2012
Krenko EDH v2 TiredTofu 9/13/2012
Maelstrom Wanderer TE WriterofWrong 9/13/2012
Ed's Ghave deck WriterofWrong 9/13/2012
Rubnia with tokens FateT 9/13/2012
Pauper Gloryscale Viashin Freysan 9/11/2012
Jarad EDH boneclub24 9/11/2012
Rafiq Commander atinchant 9/11/2012
EDH start daathfeuer 9/11/2012
Five Colour Planeswalkers Landstar 9/11/2012
sharuum the hegemon TheWillRogers 9/11/2012
Planeswalker EDH Asorame 9/11/2012
Norin the Wary sacrilegious 9/11/2012
Nath EDH ghanlebeau 9/11/2012
Nicol Bolas EDH WiredWeasel 9/11/2012
Reaper king buttsax 9/10/2012
Rith, the Awakener Xingact 9/10/2012
Riku of Two Reflectio Yanu 9/10/2012
Rafiq Exalted prince_daisuke 9/9/2012
Nope, Sakashima iAdams 9/9/2012
Rhys EDH Ravenswan 9/9/2012
Achy Breaky Heart thomasviney 9/9/2012
vampire meybe Funkboy111 9/9/2012
Bruna EDH WiredWeasel 9/9/2012
Spell Recursion fundudeman 9/9/2012
edh vamps, that's it. fundudeman 9/9/2012
Kazuul Red RinzlerLegacy 9/9/2012
Isamaru EDH WiredWeasel 9/8/2012
It's Hugs Breaux Frozencajun 9/8/2012
Shirei Comm v2 Kershbob 9/8/2012
Sharuum the Hegemon mquint9 9/7/2012
[com] Sharuum topcat269 9/7/2012
Mikaeus Whicker3 9/7/2012
Mikaeus, the Unhallowed Whicker3 9/7/2012
Captain Sisay Adu 9/7/2012
Olivia Voldaren Moriidon 9/6/2012
Mono Black EDH poxy mastercommie 9/6/2012
Scion Burright 9/6/2012
Scion reanimator Ace51791 9/6/2012
UW EDH Crisis 9/6/2012
Kaervek the Merciless solamnus 9/6/2012
Kresh the Bloodbraided Isaac_newton69 9/6/2012
Jarad, Elven Lich Lord WriterofWrong 9/6/2012
U/W/G Exalted omnitographer 9/5/2012
Mimeoplasm EDH CryptoCrash 9/5/2012
Progenitus's House Il Tuz 9/5/2012
Mirror Mastery V1 HikariKishi 9/5/2012
The Ur-Dragon Cauthan 9/5/2012
Sisay's snakes KrisP 9/5/2012
Vorosh, counter-crazy Dontsayjk 9/4/2012

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