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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
EDH Shu Yun, the silent tempest SyngenMagic 9/22/2018
Paneswalkers (Cromat) AlexDumez04 9/22/2018
Competitive Prosh Geronimo Decks 9/22/2018
EDH Unhallowed youguyssilly? 9/22/2018
Samut EDH thegorillaman 9/21/2018
Tolsimir Wolfblood AlexDumez04 9/21/2018
Adeliz Commander lochrist 9/21/2018
Vampire Commander Deck 2017 wallofspikes 9/21/2018
arcades beans 9/21/2018
Selesnya Cat Tokens Scrub 9/21/2018
Colourless EDH LCBourne 9/21/2018
Kalemne Voltron Aggro HELLFIRExxIFRIT 9/21/2018
Grand Arbiter Augustin IV Alex Rotsky 9/21/2018
Multifarious HK 9/20/2018
cancer beans 9/20/2018
Parun v1 RustyBanana5 9/19/2018
Budget Kaalia Dragons Pixle_res 9/19/2018
rat beans 9/19/2018
Gishath, Sun's Avatar napoleon321 9/19/2018
Niv-Mizzet v2 Ragetastic1990 9/19/2018
Azorius Flicker Valmo 9/19/2018
Inexorable Tide Valmo 9/19/2018
Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest mthwiz 9/19/2018
Oona , queen of the Fae RazorX_83 9/18/2018
Orzhov Knights Valmo 9/18/2018
Selesnya +1/+1 Counters Valmo 9/18/2018
tasigur Eric 9/17/2018
Yargle Commander BTD 9/17/2018
tasigur phantasmal Eric 9/17/2018
What's kraken Heavy 9/17/2018
Inalla Wizard Kharn2 9/17/2018
Omnath Ramp MelissaLea 9/17/2018
tasigur jeremy Eric 9/17/2018
Planeteers MelissaLea 9/17/2018
The Zoo {EDH} SithDragon33 9/16/2018
Marchesa's Drones MelissaLea 9/16/2018
Long Live the Queen ObiWade 9/16/2018
Jazal Donkeybrains 9/16/2018
Kaalia of the Vast xD Manny xD 9/16/2018
Abzan Counters Kelteth 9/16/2018
Speedy Ramos BShipp94 9/16/2018
Adaptive Enchantment RegalTurtle24 9/15/2018
Nature's Vengeance RegalTurtle24 9/15/2018
Plunder the Graves RegalTurtle24 9/15/2018
jely been beans 9/15/2018
Invent Superiority RegalTurtle24 9/15/2018
Vampiric Bloodlust RegalTurtle24 9/15/2018
Feline Ferocity RegalTurtle24 9/15/2018
Breed Lethality RegalTurtle24 9/15/2018
Devour for Power RegalTurtle24 9/15/2018
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